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IOTA’s Leading Builders Unite to Create BUILD.5: An Enterprise-Ready Integration Platform Powering Seamless Innovation in the Billion-Dollar Market of Web2 and Web3

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  • Renowned tech experts and IOTA pioneers band together to launch BUILD.5, aiming to simplify the integration of Web2 and Web3 technologies for businesses, and fully unlock the potential of IOTA.
  • BUILD.5 presents an enterprise-ready solution that addresses major hurdles in adopting Web3 technology, providing easy-to-use blueprints and APIs, and leveraging the advanced capabilities of the IOTA Tangle.

Notable figures from the IOTA Foundation and associated projects have joined forces to bring forth BUILD.5, a state-of-the-art platform engineered to streamline the integration of Web2 and Web3 technologies. This initiative, fostered by the minds that propelled IOTA’s market adoption and the creators of SPYCE.5 and SoonLabs, aims to unleash the full potential of IOTA and its benefits for businesses and enterprises.

BUILD.5 has been carefully designed as a two-part structure: a non-profit association to back and govern open-source, decentralized technology that could significantly benefit society and industries, and an open-source platform fostering seamless co-development in both Web2 and Web3 realms.

In the contemporary technological landscape, the most formidable hurdle for Web3 adoption is its intricacy and the challenges it presents for enterprise integration. Incongruent systems, steep implementation costs, a dearth of qualified support personnel, and scaling limitations are some of the major roadblocks. BUILD.5 emerges as a groundbreaking solution to these impediments, offering a revolutionary Web3 core engine accessible through a suite of potent implementation tools.

Thanks to BUILD.5, organizations of any size can now smoothly integrate and tailor Web3 services using readily available product blueprints and APIs. Furthermore, adhering to the ethos of decentralized technology, it promotes a fairer, more accessible data and value system, being an open-source product.

The IOTA Tangle’s advanced capabilities, renowned for its simultaneous transaction processing, will be harnessed by BUILD.5, setting a new precedent for blockchain performance and marking a substantial leap in the industry.

Since late 2022, the BUILD.5 founding team, including co-founder and investor David Sonstebo, has been nurturing the organization, shaping the platform, and establishing crucial enterprise partnerships that leverage their pioneering technology.

Having rigorously tested this technology on the IOTA testnet, Shimmer, BUILD.5 is ready to aid traditional organizations in their transition to the dynamic Web3 universe. With its multi-layered open-source platform design, it plans to display its collaboration with enterprise partners and the functioning of each component in the following weeks.

The governance of the entire BUILD.5 platform will be entrusted to $BUILD token holders, with the token set to mint following the Stardust update’s launch on the mainnet this year. The $BUILD token signifies the collective efforts of the founding team and will be unique to this project.

As BUILD.5 gears up to make significant strides in the IOTA network’s evolution, it aims to serve as the backbone for mass adoption, providing enterprises and individuals the tools to innovate and revolutionize various industries.

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