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IOTA’s Future Shines Bright: Superior Tech, Strong Partnerships, and a Billion-Dollar Tokenomic Overhaul

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  • BUILD.5 Association shows support for IOTA’s Stardust upgrade but asks for more transparency and community involvement.
  • The organization suggests donating a percentage of their supply for positive governance and seeks more clarity on the UAE entity’s role in IOTA.

BUILD.5 Stresses Community Integration and Open Disclosure in IOTA’s Stardust Upgrade

The recent announcement by IOTA regarding the upcoming Stardust upgrade and new tokenomics has attracted a wide range of responses. BUILD.5 Association, an entity deeply entrenched in the IOTA ecosystem since its inception, has come forward with a public statement on this matter.

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The Perspective of Long-Term Stakeholders

As token holders, founders, and builders, the board members of BUILD.5 have shown unwavering commitment to IOTA and Shimmer’s progress. Their daily interaction with IOTA Foundation members has fostered a collaborative environment where hard strategic decisions are made for the collective future. The recent decision to introduce inflation in the protocol is supported by BUILD.5, acknowledging the needs for the foundation to be funded, to nurture the ecosystem, and to expand into new regions such as the UAE.

However, in the spirit of fostering positive governance and promoting community engagement, BUILD.5 proposes:

  1. Supportive Token Distribution: A donation of 1% of their entire $BUILD supply to all #ASMB stakers. This move is aimed at encouraging more robust governance and increased participation on the #BUILD5 platform.
  2. UAE Entity Clarification: BUILD.5 seeks a deeper insight into the UAE’s role in IOTA’s future. A call for a transparent presentation of the UAE board of directors, its mission, vision, and public charter has been made, all of which are expected to be disclosed before the Stardust update.
  3. IOTA Foundation Board Expansion: In a bid to ensure all community voices are heard, BUILD.5 requests a swift consideration for expanding the current IOTA Foundation Board of Directors to encompass community members.

Building on the decision of the IOTA Foundation last year to focus primarily on the research and development of the core protocol, BUILD.5 recognizes their unique role in driving enterprise adoption. Their commitment to open-source principles and working with large enterprises positions them uniquely to understand the importance of governance and transparency in open-source technology.

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With the looming update, there’s an echoing sentiment within the IOTA community: a push towards enhanced transparency, broader community involvement, and acceleration in growth and progress. Now, more than ever, is the time for clarity, communication, and collective building.

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