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IOTA Unleashes Game-Changing DigitalMRV Platform for Accurate Carbon Footprint Monitoring

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  • IOTA Foundation and ClimateCHECK collaborate with Dell Technologies and ZEDEDA to develop a Digital Measurement, Reporting and Verification (DigitalMRV) platform for the VSPT Wine Group’s BioGas Plant.
  • The DigitalMRV platform, using Project Alvarium’s Data Confidence Fabric (DCF) and Project EVE, improves data confidence, trust, and efficiency in tracking the plant’s carbon footprint.

Enhancing Data Confidence in Carbon Footprint Monitoring

A biodigestion energy and composting facility at the VSPT Wine Group in Chile faced challenges in accurately tracking its carbon footprint and ensuring trust in data from devices to applications. Audits of emission measurements were often slow, subjective, and costly.

To address this issue, the IOTA Foundation and ClimateCHECK collaborated with Dell Technologies and ZEDEDA, leveraging Project Alvarium’s Data Confidence Fabric (DCF) framework and Project EVE’s ability to bring cloud computing to remote edge locations.

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The World’s First BioGas Plant and DigitalMRV Platform

Supported by the Canadian and Chilean governments, the group developed a DigitalMRV platform to improve data confidence and trust in the VSPT Wine Group’s carbon footprint. The world’s first BioGas Plant, run by Bio-E in Molina, Chile, uses harvest waste as its sole fuel source.

Project Alvarium annotates all inputs and generates a methane emission reduction statement for the plant, which aims to supply the winery with electric and thermal energy using its organic waste.

Results: Improved Efficiency, Accuracy, and Transparency

For the first time, a Data Confidence Fabric was built and deployed using actual hardware in a real-world environment. This solution significantly improves Bio-E’s ability to understand how different innovations impact carbon emissions, lowers barriers on carbon credit issuance, and enhances investment in sustainable technologies.

The DigitalMRV platform accelerates funding opportunities with lower risk for investors, driving innovation to combat climate change. The platform reduces the Measurement, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) process time from 24-48 months to just 4-6 weeks, providing unprecedented levels of efficiency, accuracy, and transparency.

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