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IOTA & Shimmer: TangleChains Unlocks Scalability, Security, and Innovation

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  • TangleChains is a hub for EVM and smart contract chains on Shimmer and IOTA.
  • The Shimmer network offers high-performance, feeless, and scalable transactions in parallel, without untrusted relays or bridges.

Introducing TangleChains

TangleChains serves as the premier directory for EVM and smart contract chains on the Shimmer and IOTA networks. This platform provides essential information about smart contract chains, including their RPC endpoints, one-click wallet connect, and more.

The Growth of Shimmer and IOTA

The IOTA Foundation keeps broadening its reach with projects like the Shimmer network launch. Meanwhile, the IOTA community eagerly anticipates the ShimmerEVM debut and IOTA 2.0’s release later this year. Concurrently, new participants in the ecosystem continue to develop innovative solutions for Shimmer and IOTA. One such exciting new platform is by SPYCE.5, which exclusively lists and displays EVM and smart contract chains built on the Shimmer blockchain.

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TangleChains acts as a user-friendly platform for developers to present their projects and connect with other developers in the Shimmer ecosystem. The Shimmer network, a high-performance, feeless, and scalable DAG-based ledger, serves as IOTA’s testnet. In contrast to other blockchain networks, Shimmer’s advantage lies in its ability to process transactions simultaneously.

Why Choose a Shimmer-Centric Platform? focuses on the Shimmer network due to its distinct features and benefits for developers. SPYCE.5’s official announcement explains that TangleChains functions as an information hub for smart contract chains, presenting details on RPC endpoints, one-click wallet connect, and more. The platform is entirely open source, inviting developers from the ecosystem and the community to enhance it with their ideas, utility, and functionality. Follow us for the latest cryptocurrency news!

Shimmer’s Security Advantages

In the past year, numerous hacks have occurred within other blockchain ecosystems due to flawed bridge implementations, resulting in the loss of several hundred million dollars. The IOTA team designed the Shimmer network to enable bridgeless asset transfers and composability without depending on untrusted relays and bridges. Every chain listed on TangleChains can natively exchange tokens and digital assets with other chains on the Shimmer network.

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Jack Williams
Jack Williams
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