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IOTA Leading the Way: Filancore GmbH’s Role in the Secure Future of Mobility

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  • Filancore GmbH unveils first iteration of their demonstrator at the CARISSMA Automotive Testcenter.
  • Their TRADE solution aims to bolster Autonomous Driving Security.

Pioneering a Secure Future for Autonomous Driving

At the recent annual meeting held in Ingolstadt, a significant milestone was achieved in the automotive cyber system domain. Filancore GmbH, a tech-driven innovator, took the stage at the CARISSMA Automotive Testcenter, unveiling the first iteration of their demonstrator. The moment marked a decisive step forward in the pursuit of an open, secure, and interoperable Automotive Cyber System.

The event was part of the TRADE project, a significant initiative backed by the BMBF_Bund. Collaborating closely with EtoGruppe and THIngolstadt, Filancore has been investing considerable resources and efforts over the past months. With the project’s conclusion looming in June 2024, the collaboration’s intensive nature is evident in the promising outcomes already showcased.

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Integrating Cutting-Edge Solutions for Enhanced Security

The heart of the TRADE solution is an integrated approach that merges ETO’s automotive hardware, Filancore’s SSI (Self-Sovereign Identity) Identity and Access Management System, and THI’s specially developed Automotive Client. Over the upcoming months, this blend is set to undergo further refinement, paving the way for a robust foundation for autonomous driving security.

For those less familiar with SSI, it represents a decentralized digital identity system, empowering individuals or entities to own, control, and share their personal data without the need for a centralized authority. Integrating this into an automotive context illustrates a forward-thinking approach to vehicle security, especially in the era of smart cars and IoT (Internet of Things).

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Moreover, Filancore’s vision is not just limited to the vehicle’s internal systems. Their goal extends to creating a harmonized system by anchoring everything within the vehicle and integrating insights from the alfried research project. This approach aims to offer car-to-infrastructure evidence for IOTA SSI and DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology), encompassing a broader spectrum of the future of mobility and autonomous vehicles.

Closing the loop, THIngolstadt, renowned for their expertise in Automotive Security, will take charge of rigorous testing. Their focus remains sharp: understanding the deployment and suitability of SSI within the vast and intricate realm of Automotive Cyber Systems.

With such holistic integration, Filancore GmbH and its collaborators promise a more secure and interconnected future for the rapidly evolving world of autonomous mobility.

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Collin Brown
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