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IOTA and Shimmer Power Teleconsys’ dOra: Redefining IoT Security with Decentralized Infrastructure

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  • Teleconsys, an acclaimed cybersecurity company, joins the Touchpoint Open Builders Program with its innovative project, dOra, aiming to fortify IoT security.
  • Using the IOTA Identity Framework, dOra leverages decentralized technologies and collective evaluations to improve the autonomous execution of critical tasks.

Teleconsys, a distinguished cybersecurity enterprise, has been invited to join the Touchpoint Open Builders Program, bringing its ambitious project, dOra, into the collaborative fold. The dOra project, fashioned using the IOTA Identity Framework, is poised to transform IoT infrastructure security through the use of decentralized technologies and collective assessments.

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Through years of experience in crafting highly secure IT infrastructures, Teleconsys has acknowledged the vulnerability of traditional centralized systems to attacks, data leaks, and functional inconsistencies. These infractions often occur at the application layer, a sector typically inadequately shielded by standard cybersecurity tools.

Motivated by these systemic flaws, Teleconsys sought to revolutionize IoT infrastructure by creating dOra. The project emphasizes the empowerment of authorized individuals to carry out critical tasks autonomously, thereby reducing human error and enhancing defenses against malicious actions.

Underpinning dOra is a decentralized infrastructure for IoT, specifically honed on IOTA Identity for data authenticity. The project leverages a specially engineered device outfitted with the STM32 U5 microcontroller. This cutting-edge device features a secure “trust zone” for reliable task execution, a crucial element in Teleconsys’ mission to decentralize data collection and device management within IoT solutions.

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Analogous to the IOTA Smart Contract Framework, dOra facilitates the formation of independent node committees. These committees engender trust through collective evaluations, acting as programmable entities capable of gathering data from diverse sources. This includes processing client-supplied Docker images, signing data with distributed threshold signatures, and managing data storage independently.

Beyond its primary application, dOra possesses vast versatility, encompassing distributed supervision of IoT infrastructure to constructing distributed storage accessible through the IOTA network, REST API, or the IPFS standard interface. Notably, it can also serve as a conventional blockchain Oracle, capturing and integrating data into the ledger to activate smart contracts.

Among dOra’s key strengths is its use of W3C DID-based committee identities, each featuring a public key. Consequently, the committee can sign data and transactions by aggregating partial signatures from members, adding another layer of security and integrity.

Teleconsys has also launched Cyronclad, a fully decentralized IoT infrastructure utilizing dOra, that resolves common challenges cloud-based infrastructures face. Cyronclad can create a new IoT network or upgrade existing ones, eliminating critical vulnerabilities through the employment of a dOra-based committee of nodes.

As dOra continues in its testing phase, Teleconsys seeks partnerships with innovative companies, aiming to publicize Cyronclad once initial proofs-of-concept and trials are complete. Unlike most competitors offering IoT solutions as service providers, Teleconsys stands apart as a system integrator, with dOra’s unique approach setting it apart from other distributed programmable systems.

Shimmer, the protocol for the fair distribution of IOTA tokens, is integral to Teleconsys’ strategy. Leveraging Shimmer allows platform owners to independently, and potentially anonymously, select committee participants, ensuring transparency and a safeguard against the manipulation of committee tasks.

Through its revolutionary project, dOra, Teleconsys is well on its way to reshape the landscape of digital infrastructure security, offering a robust solution for organizations aiming to bolster their cybersecurity measures. To follow the progress of Teleconsys and the groundbreaking dOra project, visit the team at https://www.teleconsys.it/our-people/, or follow them on Twitter at @Teleconsys.

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