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IOTA 2.0 Update: Node Protocol Nears Completion, Testnet on the Horizon

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  • IOTA’s next-generation network node protocol is now feature complete, signaling readiness for the initial release.
  • Focus shifts to integration testing to ensure the smooth functioning of the testnet, with an anticipated release following IOTA’s information campaign.

Node Protocol Milestone Achieved

In the ever-evolving world of IOTA, a significant milestone has been reached in the development of its next-generation network. The node protocol, integral to the functioning of IOTA 2.0, has achieved feature completion for both Proof of Authority (PoA) and delegated Proof of Stake (dPoS) implementations. This accomplishment marks a crucial step towards the upcoming testnet release.

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Transition to Integration Testing

With the node protocol complete, the focus now shifts to integration testing. This stage is critical to ensuring that all components of the IOTA network, including iota-core, inx-indexer, inx-validator, and other related technologies, seamlessly interact in a real-world environment. The IOTA team is prioritizing this comprehensive testing to identify and fix any potential bugs, thereby enhancing the stability and reliability of the network.

Progress on the Reactive Chain Manager

A notable ongoing development is the implementation of the reactive chain manager, a significant code change highlighted in Issue #320 on IOTA’s GitHub repository. This update is expected to address numerous bugs, streamlining the network’s functionality. The resolution of this issue is pivotal, as it influences the prioritization and necessity of other backlog items.

Towards a Public Testnet Release

The anticipation for IOTA 2.0’s testnet is palpable, with the IOTA Foundation strategically aligning the release with the conclusion of their substantial information campaign. While hints have been dropped about this planned synchronization, it’s important to consider potential unforeseen challenges that may arise in the development process.

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Preparations for a Holistic Ecosystem

The readiness of network tooling, including wallets and explorers, is another vital aspect that will determine the actual usability of the testnet. These components are essential for users to effectively interact with and explore the capabilities of IOTA 2.0.


In conclusion, IOTA’s journey towards the release of its testnet for IOTA 2.0 is on a promising trajectory, marked by significant technical progress and a strategic approach to development and testing. The completion of the node protocol and the shift towards integration testing are critical steps in ensuring the network’s readiness for a public testnet. As the IOTA community eagerly awaits the testnet launch, the focus remains on ensuring a robust and fully functional ecosystem for users to engage with the next iteration of IOTA‘s technology.

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