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Internet Computer’s Bold Claim Gets Mocked by Cardano’s Hoskinson

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  • Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson humorously responds to Dfinity’s claim about their new canister storage capacity, capable of storing twice the entire Cardano blockchain.
  • Dfinity’s Internet Computer introduces high-capacity smart contracts or ‘canisters’, significantly enhancing the efficiency and scalability of decentralized applications (dapps).

A Friendly Joust in Blockchain Innovation

In a recent online exchange that garnered attention in the cryptocurrency community, Charles Hoskinson, the visionary behind the Cardano blockchain, responded with a touch of humor to a bold claim by Dfinity. The latter, a significant player in the blockchain space, announced a major upgrade in their Internet Computer (ICP) protocol, touting their canister smart contracts’ ability to hold a staggering 400GiB in stable memory.

Dfinity’s Canister Breakthrough

Dfinity’s claim included a capability to store approximately 17.4 million Ethereum smart contracts, or twice the entirety of the Cardano blockchain. Hoskinson’s witty retort,

“Thanks for storing Cardano. You can always use that canister to rebuild ICP if you ever need to,”

reflects a competitive yet respectful spirit between the two blockchain projects.

Inside the Tech: Canisters of the Internet Computer

The Internet Computer, Dfinity’s flagship project, seeks to redefine the operation of decentralized applications (dapps). Its latest development features ‘canisters’, essentially high-capacity smart contracts that allow developers to deploy dapps as WebAssembly modules, written in various programming languages. These canisters are more than mere code executors; they also preserve the application’s state, thus boosting the efficiency and scalability of the blockchain applications they support.

Dfinity and Cardano: A Tale of Two Giants

In April 2022, Dfinity’s recruitment of Eva Oberholzer, a former member of the Cardano team, as their chief growth officer, marked a strategic move to propel the Internet Computer into mainstream adoption. Hoskinson’s subsequent congratulatory message underscored mutual respect between these blockchain innovators.

Back in 2021, Hoskinson had already acknowledged Dfinity’s emergence in the “major leagues” of blockchain technology. Fast-forwarding to early 2024, the Internet Computer project has made significant strides, with its ICP token now surpassing Shiba Inu in market performance, showcasing the project’s growing impact in the blockchain arena.

In conclusion, the friendly banter between Charles Hoskinson and Dfinity underscores the vibrant and competitive nature of blockchain innovation. Dfinity’s advancements in canister technology represent a significant leap in blockchain functionality, while Cardano continues to be a major force in the industry. This dynamic interaction between leading blockchain entities not only fuels technological progress but also highlights the collaborative spirit driving the industry forward.

As these projects continue to evolve and make their mark, the blockchain landscape is set for exciting developments, promising enhanced capabilities and broader applications for decentralized technologies.

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