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Indorse Announces Token Airdrop




Indorse will distribute 65,000 IND tokens to holders of other cryptocurrencies.

On August 28, 2017, Ethereum blockchain-based professional social media network Indorse announced it would airdrop 65,000 IND tokens to holders of TenX (PAY), Digix (DGD), CoinDash (CDT), and 0x (ZRX) tokens based on a snapshot of the blockchain taken on August 18, 2017.

Indorse will not disburse tokens to Ethereum addresses containing more than 3,000 or less than 0.01 Ether to avoid sending tokens to inactive and exchange accounts. David Moskowitz, Indorse co-founder and CEO, said that giving the tokens to users will facilitate activity and capture a wider audience. "In choosing to airdrop our tokens to these communities, we ensure not only wide distribution, but also that our tokens will be placed in the hands and wallets of some of the most active and engaged token holders in the Ethereum network.”

The airdrop will take place automatically, so nothing needs to be done. But users interested in doubling their airdrop are directed to sign up on an official Indorse website by September 4, 2017. Indorse warns users not to give out private keys to any site. The company said it will not ask for private keys, and so a site asking for a private key and claiming to be Indorse is a scam.

Moskowitz said Indorse has a reward-centric approach, "by providing a platform on which users can use crowd-verified endorsements to further their reputations. As such, our ecosystem flourishes as active and engaged participants, receive financial rewards from engaging on the network, in the form of IND tokens.”

Indorse's collaborative efforts have caught the attention of others in the community and have been met with support from developers. Co-founder of Digix Global Shaun Djie acknowledged Indorse's past efforts.  "The team at Indorse have been long time supporters of the Ethereum and Digix communities," he said. "We are very happy to support them in their efforts to expand the universe of IND holders."

Adam Efrima, COO of CoinDash, spoke about his company's future support of IND tokens. "The IND token will be added to CoinDash ecosystem soon, following the airdrop our users will be able to manage one more asset in their CoinDash portfolio.”

TenX co-founder Dr. Julian Hosp expressed how the companies work well together. He said, "We are thrilled that our PAY holders will receive IND tokens in this airdrop, as while Indorse provides a way for people to earn tokens, TenX gives them a way to spend them."

"We aim to tackle the fundamental flaws associated with social networks such as data ownership and privacy leak by putting the power into the hands of the user, as opposed to the owners and advertisers," added Moskowitz. "The significant interest in our project to date paired with the extensive community support of our Airdrop partners has positioned Indorse as a truly revolutionary undertaking.”

Jeremy Nation

Jeremy Nation is a writer living in Los Angeles with interests in technology, human rights, and cuisine.

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