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Shiba Inu’s Billion-$-Market Metaverse: From Plot Builder to Rocket Pond, SHIB Sets the Stage for an Epic Digital World

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  • SHIB – The Metaverse project has achieved significant milestones including events, team restructuring, new designs for specific Hubs, modifications to the project’s roadmap and vision.
  • The project’s development update is aimed at keeping the community involved in the progression of The Metaverse’s development and well-informed about its progress.

SHIB – The Metaverse is an exciting project that has accomplished a lot since its last blog post. The project has undergone structural changes to the team, created new designs for specific hubs, and made modifications to the project’s roadmap and vision. The MV team is confident that these changes will exceed user expectations, and they are eager to keep users informed about the project’s progress.

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The Metaverse’s Development Progress

The MV team has created a new social account to communicate all official updates, and users are encouraged to follow their new Twitter account, @mvshib. The team is currently running a contest to win free land, so users are incentivized to follow the account for the latest news and updates.

One of the major changes in SHIB – The Metaverse is the vision and direction of the project. The team is striving to provide users with a more photorealistic experience, and they have adapted their existing development work to build new hubs from a new starting point.

The team is utilizing all of Unreal’s in-engine capabilities, allowing them to develop this massive open world without the headache of painfully long troubleshooting that was previously an inevitable part of gameplay design. Developing in Unreal Engine 5.1 has strengthened their pipeline and shortened the workflow process.

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For the first version of SHIB – The Metaverse, the MV team is diligently developing a series of tools to make the experience truly fantastic. Some of the key tools that will provide users with endless possibilities include the plot builder, avatar builder, and game maker. The plot builder is a user-friendly interface tool that allows users to create and customize their plots, from object placement to terrain editing and monetization.

The avatar builder allows users to create a unique digital identity with a wide set of personalization options. Finally, the game maker is a tool that will be revealed in the next blog, and it promises to be a wonderful tool with all its details.

Rocket Pond Preview

The team has also disclosed how much available space users have to build on their lands. For owned land, users have access to 1764 m² (42 x 42), which is equivalent to approximately 18,984 square feet (137.8 x 137.8). For buildable land, users have access to 1024 m² (32 x 32), which is equivalent to approximately 11,000 square feet (105 x 105). This is the maximum area that people can use to create and build on their land.

In-game capture of Rocket Pond’s hot spa

Rocket Pond will be the next reveal, a hub that will take users to new heights – quite literally! While the team prepares for the flyover launch, users can take a sneak peek at the first previews that the MV team has prepared. The team is thrilled to announce this reveal and is excited about the possibilities.

Stylized Ryoshi Preview

The SXSW Experience

The MV team’s goal is to gather feedback on their Wagmi pre-alpha immersive piece by showcasing it to the outside world in a festival style. They recognize that feedback from consumers is critical in establishing a feedback loop for any new technology or platform.

With the main question surrounding the definition of a metaverse, they aimed to answer this by demonstrating what the landowner lands could look like. Their efforts paid off, as their booth was a popular attraction at the festival, drawing in attendees who were both familiar and unfamiliar with the SHIB project.

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