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Hedera Collaboration: $750B Company Builds App to Empower Patients and Revolutionize Clinical Trials

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  • Software development firm Acoer is utilizing Hedera Hashgraph technology to tackle healthcare challenges, notably drug shortages.
  • Acoer’s platform uses Hedera’s public ledger solution for secure, transparent, and efficient supply chain tracking, aiming to reduce drug shortages and enhance patient care.

Acoer and Hedera: Building a Healthcare Collaboration Framework

Acoer, a software development firm, is harnessing the power of Hedera Hashgraph technology to address a host of healthcare challenges. Their mission is centered on enhancing drug development and patient care decision-making through a combination of model-informed drug development, regulatory science, real world evidence, and knowledge integration. The ultimate goal? To maximize research productivity, commercial value, and patient outcomes.

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One significant issue Acoer is tackling head-on is the challenge of drug shortages. With an alarming annual average of 198 shortages in the United States alone, the company aims to leverage distributed ledger technology (DLT) to provide a more robust, efficient, and transparent supply chain management solution.

A New Approach to Drug Supply Chains

Acoer believes that a collaboration platform using DLT to track end-to-end supply chains can effectively prevent and reduce the time needed to remedy drug shortages. With this in mind, the company is developing an Open API for the pharmaceutical and life sciences sectors. By eliminating barriers to access securely, Acoer hopes to foster greater collaboration among industry stakeholders.

Moreover, Acoer is constructing enabling tools such as HashLog, which leverages Hedera’s mirror nodes to provide transparency into transactions on the public ledger and historical data insights.

Why Hedera?

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Hedera Hashgraph, with its hashgraph technology, is Acoer’s preferred choice for a public ledger solution due to its speed in reaching transaction finality. Hedera’s capabilities include fair ordering of transactions alongside timestamps and signatures, making it well-suited to manage the complexity of a supply chain involving numerous parties.

The application of this technology can transform how healthcare organizations handle data. Currently, the use, storage, and sharing of data can present significant liabilities for these entities, hampering collaboration opportunities and reducing efficiency.

However, by harnessing Hedera’s capabilities, supply chain collaborators can enjoy transparency and auditability throughout the system. The ultimate goal for Acoer is to use this technological solution to decrease the frequency of drug shortages and improve predictability within the healthcare sector.

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