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Having A Gas: This Week In Crypto Pop Culture, January 28-February 1




Dinner with the Bitcoin Carnivory Club, the Fyre Festival’s yoga instructor could be your crypto advisor, and why decentralized tidying up will never work.

It's Friday, February 1, everybody! If you're anything like me, then this week you were devastated when the Wii Shop Channel closed its digital doors for the final time on Wednesday. Fellow Wii owners around the world will no longer be able to enjoy the dulcet tones of the shopping menu's bossa nova-like main theme. To help get over the loss, ETHNews is here with the newest edition of Having A Gas, where we gather up a few of the lighter stories in crypto and blockchain news.

Bitcoin's Night Out

This week, the Bitcoin Carnivory Club announced its London Carnivory Dinner. Taking place on February 7, those interested in spending $262 on a ticket will enjoy a meal of Brazilian barbeque in London with Bitcoin developer and educator Jimmy Song and YouTube content creator Tone Vays.

As a lifelong fiat holder and vegetarian who grew up on practically nothing but Loma Linda FriChick and Linketts, there's very little I can relate to less than the Bitcoin Carnivory Club. That being said, even I can spot the missed opportunity.

You can't buy tickets to the dinner with bitcoin!

In the shared Having A Gas publication universe (HAGPU, if you will), we've seen all sorts of wacky things: Honey Nut Cheerios' Buzzcoin, Santa's evil pirate-themed twin, even a blockchain girlfriend you can have virtual children with.

But with Bitcoin Carnivory Club not allowing guests to purchase tickets with cryptocurrency, I think we have a HAGPU first: something in the cryptosphere that doesn't make sense.

Downward DApp

Those who have seen Netflix's Fyre Festival documentary, "Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened," might recognize the name Marc Weinstein. If that doesn't ring a bell, he was a music festival consultant meant to be the yoga instructor for the massively disastrous event.

Now, on ETHNews, we write about a lot of interesting characters in the cryptosphere, but not many top "Fyre Festival yoga instructor." Luckily for us, Weinstein is part of the community. According to a where-are-they-now-style article from E! News (wait, has ETHNews been a play on E! News this entire time?), Weinstein works at Wave Financial, a company that provides "early-stage investment models for the crypto ecosystem focused to digital currencies, crypto assets, and blockchain technology."

If Weinstein is good enough to be the yoga instructor for what was supposed to be a giant music festival, I think he has a chance to become the go-to yoga instructor for the entire cryptosphere. Think about how many people in prison for defrauding investors could benefit from some solid vinyasa sessions.

Taking Out the Hash

In more Netflix-adjacent news, some in the media this week ruminated on how Marie Kondo – author of "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing" and presenter of the Netflix show "Tidying Up with Marie Kondo" – could declutter the crypto industry.

The idea of decluttering the cryptosphere got me thinking: If one single person like Marie Kondo was expected to clean the space, how many would argue that centralized tidying up has no place in the decentralized world?

Personally, I think it would be a major point of contention. The only problem is, there is capital-N, capital-O, NO way to clean up the cryptosphere other than with a centralized entity. How do I know? Well, have you ever had family members or roommates? If so, then you'll know, unless there is one single person in charge of doling out cleaning duties, nothing will get done. The immutability of a shared kitchen sink hardly ensures Kyle won't let his macaroni bowl "soak" for four days.

I, for one, welcome our centralized crypto cleaning authority.

That's it for Having A Gas. Join us next week, and remember, [insert clever catchphrase here].

Nicholas Ruggieri

Nicholas Ruggieri studied English with an emphasis in creative writing at the University of Nevada, Reno. When he’s not quoting Vines at anyone who’s willing to listen, you’ll find him listening to too many podcasts, reading too many books, and crocheting too many sweaters for his dogs, RT and Peterman.

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