Hardfork No4 spurious dragon announced

The Ethereum Foundation has finally made the announcement everyone’s been waiting for: the hard fork block number. According to an announcement by Ethereum co-founder Jeffrey Wilcke on the Ethereum subreddit, “after many hours of coding, testing, more coding, reviews and discussions, we can finally announce the next hardfork's block number.”

The main net block number for the fourth hard fork: 2,675,000. That block should be mined in about a week, given current, average block times.

The block number on the test net will be 1,885,000. In the reddit announcement, two Geth HF enabled releases were highlighted: Let There be Light v1.5.0 and Garbage Man v1.4.19. Garbage Man contains only the Ethereum hard fork No. 4 update. Let There be Light contains the hard fork update, plus several other updates to Geth that took “about 8 months of work and includes many new features and fixes.”

As of this writing, the Ethereum Foundation is still waiting for someone from the Parity team to contact them, so a HF enabled Parity release is currently TBA. The reddit announcement was made here, so check there for any potential updates.

“Spurious Dragon” is the name Ethereum gave to this fourth hard fork. The previous hard forks were named Homestead, DAO-fork, and EVM Opcodes Price Adjustment. Aside from having a great name, this hard fork includes EIP155 (replay protection), EIP161 (state clearing), and EIP170 (code size limit).

Hopefully the hard fork goes smoothly and makes Ethereum that much safer and bug-free.

Jim Manning lives in Los Angeles and has been writing for websites for over five years, with a particular interest in tech and science. His interest in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency stems from his belief that it is the way of the future. Jim is a guest writer for ETHNews. His views and opinions do not necessarily constitute the views and opinions of ETHNews.
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