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Google Cloud Empowers Bitcoin Lightning Network to Revolutionize Global Network Infrastructure for Millions of Users in 50+ Countries

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  • Voltage, a Lightning as a Service (LaaS) provider, is expanding its Bitcoin and Lightning Network infrastructure through a strategic collaboration with Google Cloud.
  • This partnership enables businesses to conduct global real-time payments, micropayments, and reduce transaction costs, transforming traditional financial transactions and models.

In an exciting leap forward for blockchain technology, Voltage, a leader in Lightning as a Service (LaaS), has embarked on a strategic alliance with Google Cloud. Launched in 2020, Voltage’s primary aim is to empower businesses with the innovative capabilities of the Lightning Network. This protocol, built atop Bitcoin’s foundation, enables instant, nearly cost-free transactions, creating novel experiences and business opportunities.

Financial and fintech enterprises, especially those with transactions as a key component of their operations, stand to benefit immensely from this partnership. The synergy of Voltage and Google Cloud is poised to revolutionize how businesses deal with money transfers, cross-border payments, and most importantly, facilitate micropayment experiences on the web.

By expanding hosting locations through Google Cloud, Voltage can now offer its clients a wider range of Bitcoin and Lightning Network Node creations. The global reach of Google Cloud allows these nodes to be located across multiple regions, facilitating the deployment of workloads by the customers themselves.

As a result, Voltage tackles three primary challenges in the transactional landscape. Firstly, it equips businesses to execute money transfers via the Lightning Network. Secondly, it extends the global reach of enterprises through the universally compatible Lightning Network standard. Lastly, it pioneers the integration of microtransactions – a concept largely unfulfilled by traditional payment systems. Microtransactions, with their potential to boost retention, reduce customer acquisition costs, and enhance the lifetime value of customers, are now within easy reach.

The strength of Google Cloud’s extensive network offers Voltage the ability to meet user demands swiftly. The early operations in regions such as Iowa, Netherlands, and Singapore, provide a powerful global reach. In addition, Google Cloud’s robust availability and superior networking form the backbone of this infrastructure, facilitating an efficient Bitcoin ecosystem adjacent to existing workloads.

Google Cloud’s demonstrated commitment to nurturing emerging technologies, such as cryptocurrencies and cloud-native tech like Kubernetes, aligns with Voltage’s vision to scale its platform. This partnership signifies a future where the intricate demands of enterprise adoption are addressed with finesse, making Bitcoin and the Lightning Network infrastructure more accessible and efficient on a global scale.

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