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Glass Hunt: Rewarding Hackers for Finding Flaws




The token and developers playground that rewards hackers for finding exploits in blockchains.

Glass Hunt is an anonymous organization that exists purely via smart contracts. 

It’s considered a playground for developers and interested individuals to hack the blockchain technology in order to help it grow. Glass Hunt evolved into the group that it is today, after numerous crypto hacks stole millions of dollars in Bitcoin and Ethereum by exploiting code flaws or attacking weak security protocols. Due to the realization that securities must be strengthened in order for the technology to grow, Glass Hunt has begun to foster a community of hackers who will make the blockchain ecosystem more secure. However, Glass Hunt isn’t only for the hackers. It encourages anyone who wants to get involved by attending its Glass Hacker School, which is an online video subscription. This subscription comes with toolkits to hack smart contracts and blockchain tech, mostly within the Bitcoin and Ethereum spaces.

Teams may work in groups, utilizing Slack, and coordinate attacks with their instructors. Glass Hunt employs a few boot camps for varying levels of expertise. The Enthusiasts School focuses on hacks and development in the blockchain for both advanced web developers and non-coder blockchain lovers, and the Pro School is for those working in blockchain tech professionally. All of these boot camps last about a month, then upon successful completion, each user is awarded a Glass Token.

Glass Tokens can also be purchased with Ether or Bitcoin, or awarded when a user writes a contract that is featured on Glass Hunt’s site. According to Glass Hunt, “if you write a contract that is featured on our site, you are rewarded 1 Glass. Our reward smart contract reads our site via an oracle. The author's creator address is rewarded 1 Glass upon publication automagically. You don't have to trust us to send funds”.

Glass Tokens can be transferred via smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain, and can be used to pay for courses in the Glass Hacker School, traded with friends, and (Glass Hunt hopes) traded on exchanges soon. Users can also exchange their Glass Tokens for early hints of exploitable contracts that contain hidden funds (and sometimes even more Glass Tokens) inside them. 

About their Glass Hacker School:

We host online boot camps available to cryptocurrency enthusiasts, as well as seasoned blockchain developers. Check out our curriculums and reserve your spot to get weekly team-based assignments, tutorials and videos when the upcoming boot camp starts on October 10th.

Who is behind Glass Hunt?

We are an anonymous organization operating in South Korea. The reason for our anonymity goes back to our belief around trust. Identity is usually tied to trust. We seek that you don't trust us, but rather the code. Additionally we want to show you how to do that. Bitcoin and Ethereum addresses are anonymous, simply numbers. We value that. Thus, our site is simply an address. However, it's not a secret who we are. If you want to find out, with some motivation, I'm sure you can discover our identity, especially if you're in Seoul.

Brianne Rivlin

Brianne Rivlin has been writing within the internet field for over seven years. During the last few years, she has been heavily influenced by blockchain tech, virtual currencies, and Ethereum.

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