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Gaming Evolution: Metacade’s Exciting Venture with Polygon Labs

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  • Metacade collaborates with Polygon Labs, aiming to elevate user acquisition and the integration of new games via Polygon protocols.
  • The partnership taps into the vast gaming audience on Polygon, the leading gaming blockchain platform.

Powering Up the Future of Gaming

Metacade, a frontrunner in community-driven gaming platforms, is setting its course to new horizons. In its latest strategic move, the platform is joining forces with Polygon Labs, a leader in Ethereum-scaling blockchain solutions. This collaboration is not merely about partnership; it’s about propelling the future of blockchain gaming to new heights.

Russell Bennett, the visionary CEO of Metacade, conveyed his enthusiasm,

“Our alignment with Polygon Labs emanates from our shared zeal for blockchain gaming and admiration for the transformative work Polygon has been doing. As we race towards a global GameFi future, developing on Polygon’s efficient protocols enables us to magnify the Metacade experience, offering seamless on-chain and off-chain game interactions.”

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Pioneering the Blockchain Gaming Landscape

Polygon protocols stand as a beacon in the blockchain gaming world, bridging the gap between gaming and decentralized finance (DeFi). By alleviating the earlier constraints of scalability and high transaction costs, Polygon has not just enhanced the gaming experience but has also paved the way for developers. They now possess the tools to craft immersive games, ones that offer true asset ownership and the allure of monetary gains.

With Polygon’s introduction of reduced gas fee transactions, players can now dive into their games without the frustrations of expensive, sluggish transactions. Moreover, Metacade’s recent shift from focusing primarily on Arcade games to embracing a broader spectrum of game genres further underscores the massive potential of this collaboration.

Dennis Lavelle, the Head of Partnerships at Metacade, shared insights on this evolution,

“Our dialogues with gaming studios and blockchain experts this quarter have been illuminating. They have steered our direction, evolving Metacade’s offerings. While our heart still beats for arcade gaming, embracing the expansive world of modern mobile gaming positions us to claim a more substantial stake in the gaming realm.”

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Polygon Labs: The Blockchain Vanguard

Polygon Labs is not just any blockchain developer; they are architects of Ethereum scaling solutions, pushing the boundaries for the wider Web3 ecosystem. With a portfolio boasting of some of the most renowned Web3 projects, including Aave, Uniswap, and OpenSea, and affiliations with giants like Robinhood, Stripe, and Adobe, Polygon Labs is on a mission. Their goal is clear: render Web3 carbon negative while providing a resilient blockchain foundation for developers worldwide.

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