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FlokiFi Locker Revolutionizes with a Major Upgrade Across 14 Blockchains

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  • FlokiFi Locker expands its reach to 14 EVM-compatible blockchains, with the inclusion of Base and opBNB.
  • Introduces a bouquet of novel features, from a lucrative referral program to support for V3 Positions NFT LP tokens.

FlokiFi Locker’s Exponential Growth

In the dynamic world of blockchain, FlokiFi Locker stands out as it unveils its upgraded protocol, taking a significant leap by going live on the mainnet of 14 EVM-compatible blockchains. This evolution signals not just the protocol’s expansion but also its commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the blockchain space.

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Stepping Up the Blockchain Game

From its foundational 12 blockchains – encompassing stalwarts like ETH, BSC, Arbitrum, and Fantom – FlokiFi Locker now incorporates two more entrants, Base and opBNB. But the expansion doesn’t stop there. The upgrades aim to skyrocket the protocol’s adoption, enhancing the demand and utility of the $FLOKI token.

Diving deeper into the enhanced features:

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  • Referral Program: A game-changer for adoption, this feature allows users to effortlessly generate a referral link via the FlokiFi website. There’s no caveat – no minimum or maximum lock value prerequisites. Users can earn 25% of fees from token and LP locks through their referrals, with payments dispatched directly to their wallets upon a successful lock.
  • Native Payments Flexibility: Breaking free from the previous constraint of USDT-only fee payments, the upgrade ensures users can use the native token of their chosen blockchain for payments. A move likely to spur greater adoption by eliminating the USDT/USDC purchase step before asset locks.
  • Supporting V3 Positions NFT LP Tokens: The FlokiFi Locker now empowers users to lock V3 LP tokens, a.k.a V3 Positions NFTs, directly through its application.
  • Extended Locks & Burn Functionalities: Enhancing security and management, users can elongate locks for their assets even before expiration. Plus, a direct burn mechanism for LP tokens, fungible tokens, NFTs, and ERC-1155 tokens has been integrated into the app.

For the uninitiated, FlokiFi Locker is not just another crypto locker protocol. It’s an audited and real-time monitored system, vouched for by the reputable security auditor, Certik. Specializing in locking Liquidity Pool (LP) tokens, fungible tokens, NFTs, and multi-tokens, its innovation is underscored by the robust Floki brand. Discover more about this breakthrough at FlokiFi’s official website.

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