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Filecoin’s FWS Unveils Open-Source AWS and Azure Rival, Powered by Decentralized Storage Network

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  • Filecoin Web Services (FWS) is an open-source alternative to AWS, GCP, and Azure.
  • FWS is a set of compute and storage technologies built on top of the Filecoin Network.

Open-Source Alternative to Cloud Services: FWS

The engineering team within the Filecoin ecosystem has reached a significant milestone in the Filecoin Web Services project. FWS is an open-source alternative to cloud services like AWS, GCP, and Azure that leverages the potential of Filecoin, the world’s largest decentralized storage network. This platform includes various components such as computing, storage, and networking resources that can be used by developers to build decentralized applications.

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FWS Components: Estuary, Delta Technology Stack, Edge-UR, and More

FWS comprises various components that developers can use to build decentralized applications. Estuary is a storage node that is easily deployable and manageable, with a user-friendly interface for monitoring and managing storage deals on the network.

Delta Technology Stack is a suite of open-source tools for creating and managing Filecoin storage network deals. Edge-UR is a dedicated node that enables customers to upload and retrieve user content on Estuary using the same API keys. Ptolemy is designed to function as an orchestration engine to process large datasets typically confined to S3 buckets or contiguous filesystems. serves as an information hub for data storage products, providing users with analytics on the storage market and up-to-date news related to data storage.

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Client Engagement: Working with Radiant Earth, SUCHO, and Encloud

The Filecoin ecosystem provides tools and applications that enable users to interact with the network and perform various operations, such as uploading, retrieving, and managing data. Our engineering team has been working with several clients who are building solutions to onboard data to the Filecoin Network.

For instance, we are working with Radiant Earth to onboard a small portion of their machine learning and EO data to the Filecoin Network. We are also working with SUCHO, which is an initiative driven by over 1,500 volunteers from around the world who are working together online to digitize and safeguard Ukraine’s cultural heritage.

Finally, we are working with Encloud, a company that specializes in data security and is exploring how to further their security features using Filecoin.

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