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Feature Magic: Toncoin’s 15% Price Surge Sets Sights on the $2 Dream

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  • TON Space: A revolutionary self-custody wallet integrated within Telegram for complete control over digital assets.
  • Open to Developers: The new feature is now open for developer integration, paving the way for a seamless app experience within Telegram.

A New Dimension in Telegram: The TON Space Experience

Dubai, August 9, 2023: In a momentous move, Wallet, the TON-based application housed within the Telegram Messenger, has unveiled its latest innovation: TON Space. This new self-custody wallet will provide users an unmatched autonomy over their digital assets. With the launch, a waitlist has also been initiated, allowing developers an exclusive first look for integration possibilities with TON Space during its beta phase.

For developers, TON Space heralds a transformative experience. The opportunity to develop apps featuring a user interface on Telegram, combined with the flawless blockchain integration TON Space offers, ensures that every facet of the user experience, from Web3 initiation to full-scale app usage, is contained within the Telegram ecosystem. This strategic move promises to address two primary challenges confronting the crypto world: effortless onboarding and effective audience reach.

As the curtains rise on TON Space, expectations are set for its full consumer launch by Q3’s end, 2023. By this timeline, the Wallet team aims to integrate features that support NFT Collectibles and various swapping services.

Jordan Dunne, Head of DeFi at Wallet, highlights the groundbreaking nature of this endeavor, stating,

“TON Space isn’t just a self-custodial wallet; it’s a monumental stride in translating the quintessential Web2 platform into a self-custodial reality. By integrating this, blockchain developers can now craft Web3 services mirroring the intuitive mobile app experiences users relish – and with a staggering user base of 800 million on Telegram monthly, the potential for expansion is immense.”

Justin Hyun, Director of Growth at TON Foundation, echoes this sentiment:

“TON Space isn’t merely a launch; it’s the birth of an infrastructural layer reshaping the TON ecosystem. The freedom to develop decentralized applications and bots wholly embedded within Telegram opens up a universe of potential, bestowing users with infinite avenues to manage and transact assets directly through Telegram.”

TON Space answers a long-standing user demand: a feature allowing them to harness the full potential of the TON blockchain within Telegram. A standout feature of TON Space is its ability to connect the self-custodial wallet with apps developed specifically on Telegram, unifying everything within a singular ecosystem.

Developers keen to fuse Wallet’s features into their applications can explore this new frontier by applying for the beta: wallet.tg/ton.

About Wallet

Established as the epitome of user-centric platforms for adept digital financial management, Wallet, born from the prowess of The Open Network (TON) Blockchain’s tech, offers a seamless onboarding avenue to the widely-acclaimed Telegram Messenger app. With a user base exceeding 2.5M, managing cryptocurrencies is as intuitive as shooting off a text.

About The Open Network (TON)

Conceived as the blockchain blueprint for boundless opportunities, The Open Network was the brainchild of the renowned messaging platform, Telegram Messenger. With capabilities to execute millions of transactions in a flash, TON stands as a beacon for user-friendly applications deeply ingrained within Telegram. Today, TON Foundation oversees the holistic architecture of the TON blockchain, steering a plethora of programs including P2P, decentralized storage, and many more. Dive deeper at: ton.org.

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