Hack ether camp fans

Ether.camp released a statement on why their hack.ether.camp fans have an intrinsic value to their hackathon.

For those new to the event, Ether.camp is hosting their second major, annual hackathon that will span over five weeks with a first place prize of $50K. With an impressive panel of judges, camps (teams) will join together with an idea and bring that concept to life in the shared hope that they win a prize.

Blockchain tech utilizes and connects the internet in a new way that brings about peer-to-peer interaction and community. Ideas are shared with those willing to create the projects, and new innovations are brought forth. Hack.ether.camp is an event that is incentivizing those ideas-turned-projects. Teams are joining together to share their ideas and enter for that major prize. However, these teams also need fans who recognize a good idea. Fans generate discussion and excitement about a project which draws the attention of investors who will fund them. With hack.ether.camp, it’s not just about the participants of the hackathon. Compared to any other hackathon out there, fans of this event have more value and say than they realize.

“As the teams compete with each other they are also competing for the attention of the community and to be successful they need to attract fans.”

Hackathon fans may cast their votes and help choose an overall prize winner, but they’re also able to participate in a value token sale. They may buy into a team they truly believe in. This way, they buy into what the team is creating and (by means of smart contracts) have a say in how the team’s funding may be spent. This fan participation model provides more incentive and buzz to get involved and raise the stakes on each team.

If you are a fan, sign up and join Ether.camp for the launch of their virtual accelerator and stay involved.

Brianne Rivlin has been writing within the internet field for over seven years. During the last few years, she has been heavily influenced by blockchain tech, virtual currencies, and Ethereum.
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