More than a week has passed since the hard fork’s implementation.

Ethereum exchanges have been quick to show their support for the new fork chain due to its rapid speed and improved security. With the shift to ETH, many were wondering whether or not their previous Ether was still valuable. Those who stayed with the original blockchain or joined Ethereum Classic (ETC) felt their currency was left in the dust.

This week, a handful of Ethereum exchanges welcomed the use of ETC and its users. Poloniex was one of the first to support Ethereum Classic. Soon after adding the virtual currency on their platform, its volume has spiked. According to, the volume yesterday (July 27) went over $119 million.

The overwhelming response towards Poloniex and Ethereum Classic lead to other exchanges adding their support:

During yesterday’s high volume, Bittrex and ShapeShift added ETC to their platform. Two days ago Eric Voorhees, CEO at ShapeShift, made the official announcement on reddit.

“ShapeShift is considering whether to add support for ETC and is watching the situation develop,” he wrote.

Voorhees was unsure whether or not the transactions would get lost. Within 24 hours of that post, the exchange enabled ETC.

Today, three other big name exchanges announced their support for ETC. Kraken enabled trading for BTC and ETH as well as fiat users USD and EUR. While writing this article both Bitfinex and Yunbi also announced their support for ETC trading. Users are now able to trade with ETH and CNY.

Danielle Meegan

Danielle Meegan is a writer based in Los Angeles, though she is a native of New Hampshire. Danielle has been published in a couple of magazines and newspapers throughout the years covering sports and entertainment. Danielle has dabbled with multiple virtual currency exchanges to understand the ins and outs of trading. As of right now, Danielle has invested in over 15 different virtual currencies, including Ether. Read More
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