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Evernode Set for Launch After Crucial Security Milestone on XRP Ledger’s Layer-2

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  • Evernode, a Layer-2 platform on the XRP Ledger, successfully completes a critical security audit of its hooks by FYEO, paving the way for its launch.
  • Evernode, the first project native to Xahau protocol sidechain, targets a launch date of November 27, following the resolution of security issues.

XRP Ledger’s Layer-2 Platform Evernode Achieves Key Security Milestone

Evernode, a Layer-2 platform on the XRP Ledger, has reached a pivotal point in its development journey. The project recently announced the completion of a critical security audit by FYEO, a Web3 security audit firm. This audit focused on Evernode’s three hooks, essential components that control the Register of Hosts and the distribution of Evers, the platform’s native tokens.

Resolving Security Concerns

The Evernode team promptly addressed all security issues identified during the audit, marking a significant step towards ensuring the platform’s safety and reliability. This move highlights Evernode’s commitment to maintaining a secure and robust environment for its users.

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Launch of Evernode on Xahau Protocol Sidechain

Evernode is set to be the first project native to Xahau, the inaugural protocol sidechain for the XRP Ledger, which went live on October 31. This launch is a testament to the expanding ecosystem of the XRP Ledger, fostering innovation and new functionalities.

Anticipated Launch Date and Airdrop Details

With the security hurdles cleared, Evernode targets November 27 as its launch date. This timing aligns with the completion of the Hooks audit and the mechanics for the EVER airdrops. Evernode has also indicated that an update on the launch and details about the upcoming airdrop will be shared soon.

Technical Delays and Redesigns

Evernode faced challenges due to delays in XUMM wallet support for account cloning on Xahau, a feature crucial for the Evers airdrops. Despite these hurdles, Evernode has redesigned certain aspects to accommodate the delay, reaffirming its adaptability and resilience.

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Distribution of Evers to XRP Holders

Evernode plans to distribute 5,160,960 Evers to eligible XRP holders. The snapshot for this airdrop was taken on September 1, indicating Evernode’s strategy to reward and engage the XRP community.

Conclusion: A New Chapter for XRP Ledger’s Ecosystem

Evernode’s upcoming launch and successful security audit mark a new chapter in the XRP Ledger’s growing ecosystem. As Evernode prepares to bring its innovative solutions to the fore, the XRP community eagerly anticipates this significant addition to the blockchain’s Layer-2 landscape.

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