June 22, 2016

Utilising Blockchain Technologies in Financial Markets --- New York

New York, NY

$0 - $1199

“Since its inception, Blockchain has dominated the news due to its extensive potential. Originally mentioned in conjunction with Bitcoin, since then, some of the core focus has shifted towards looking more closely at Blockchain which is the distributed database behind Bitcoin used as the ledger for transactions.

Unlike the volatile Bitcoin, the technology behind the digital currency offers users an abundance of opportunities away from its original use, and the promise of a lucrative reward if implemented correctly.

Quick to explore further, financial companies grow increasingly keen to find out more about Blockchain and how to implement it within their industry; both as an attractive alternative for new clients as well as a tool for regulatory compliance.

The training course will be presented by Ron Quaranta, Chairman of the Wall Street Blockchain Alliance. His sessions will include an introductory discussion on understanding the basics of blockchain; what it is and how it works before providing delegates with exclusive insight on how your firm can prepare and utilise blockchain, accompanied by various case studies.

Following lunch, the next session will focus on the current regulation around blockchain, the conceivable restrictions as well as the potential benefit to get around capital constraints. The final session will see Ron go from speaker to moderator, as delegates will get a chance to hear an interactive panel discussion between thought leaders and early implementers of blockchain.

Risk is delighted to announce its very first Blockchain Seminar in this new, one day style format. Attendees of all levels of blockchain sophistication are welcome, giving delegates an ideal platform to discuss and assess the value of blockchain for their company as we enter the era of Finance 2.0.” --- Incisive Training

Incisive will also have another training session in London

June 22, 20168:30am - 5:00pm
Downtown Conference Centre
157 William St, New York, NY 10038
New York, NY

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