July 13, 2016

The DAO Workshop - How To Code Your Next Investment Proposal

Berlin, Germany


“This workshop is an introduction to the world of Solidity, Ethereum and The DAO by doing. You will be part of a DAO, write your first proposal and then participate to a fully autonomous democratic process. All that thanks to Ethereum and the blockchain.

This workshop is for any technical level. The goal is to make you experience Ethereum and the blockchain so you can better understand what this is all about. Your can participate as a member of this new DAO and engage in discussions about the technology or you can get your hands dirty and write your first draft for the proposal you will expose to the community and their +180M$ in funds.

One thing is certain, you will eat, sleep and dream blockchain after this workshop. Get ready to be hooked!
This event is part of Tech Open Air festival. To learn more about TOA16 and book your conference tickets, visit toa.berlin.” --- The DAO Workshop

July 13, 20166:00pm - 10:00pm
Delodi Offices
Oranienplatz 4 10999 Berlin Germany
Berlin, Germany

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