April 19 - 20, 2017

BlockConf UK 2017

Birmingham B7 4BB, United Kingdom

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From the website:

Take a look at the features and topics taking centre stage at BLOCKCONF UK

Protocol & The Development of Public Works

Within this section of the day we talk about the growth,development and potential of blockchains e.g. bitcoin and ethereum and how and why they were built.

Financial Applications

Speakers and business leaders discuss financial applications such a as micro payments, remittance and the benefits of blockchain secured audit trails and how they can improve audit-ability in regulated industries.

Government Application and ID

Discussing new blockchain based identity systems and governance solutions built by the people, for the people such a BitNation, uPort and more

Use Cases & Developing on the Blockchain

We take a look into developing with public and private blockchains. Gain a strong understanding of the benefits of developing and building on the blockchain.

Scale-ability & Mass Adoption

One of the main challenges facing cryptocurrency and blockchain is scale-ability and mass adoption. Arthur Falls will be hosting a live-streamed Ether Review panel discussing the different ways in which blockchain can achieve mass adoption and scale-ability.

VIP Evening Experience

An evening of socializing, relaxing and unwinding with fantastic food and dazzling cocktails. This is available for anyone attending, speaking or sponsoring the event.

April 19 - 20, 20179:00am - 5:30pm
Innovation Birmingham Campus Holt Street,
Birmingham B7 4BB, United Kingdom
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