July 2, 2016

Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Beyond

Amsterdam, Netherlands

$0 - $357.67

“In this full day seminar we will study the following topics:

--What is blockchain? - What is it similar to, and what is new and revolutionary about it

--Why blockchain? - What are the key features of blockchain that can solve long-standing problems

--How does it work? - Several explanations of how the technology works, provided in increasing detail throughout the day (resulting in a fairly deep understanding of the concepts and process)

--What current problems can it solve? - A look at human, business, and governmental problems that can be solved with blockchain technology based solutions

--What initiatives are there? - A look at some of the active projects throughout the world

--Who is using it? - A look at what businesses and governments are embracing the technology

--What problems are known with the technology? - A look at the known problems with current blockchain systems and some of their proposed solutions

--Question and answer - At periods throughout the day there will be question and answer sessions to ensure that everyone gains proper understanding

--Informal roundtable and strategizing - End of day open conversation and strategizing on potential uses

--- Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Beyond

July 2, 20169:00am - 5:00pm
Impact Hub Amsterdam
Haarlemmerweg 10C, 1014 BE Amsterdam, Netherlands
Amsterdam, Netherlands

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