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Euroclear and World Bank Launch Landmark €100M Digital Bond on Corda: Is Ethereum Still King?

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  • Euroclear has introduced its tokenized securities issuance service, marking a milestone with the World Bank’s 100 million euros digital bond issuance.
  • The bond, issued on R3’s Corda blockchain and listed on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange, signifies a significant shift towards the integration of blockchain technology with traditional financial systems, fostering transparency and efficiency.

Euroclear Spearheads Innovation with Tokenized Securities Issuance

In a transformative move, major European clearinghouse Euroclear unveiled its cutting-edge tokenized securities issuance service, aligning with the World Bank for an impressive 100 million euros digital bond issuance. This venture signifies a bold step into the future of financial services, highlighting the potential of blockchain technology in revolutionizing traditional practices.

Exploring the Facets of Digital Securities Issuance

The service, named Digital Securities Issuance (D-SI), is designed to facilitate the issuance, distribution, and settlement of completely digital financial assets utilizing distributed ledgers. This innovative approach enables each participant, or node, within a vast network to hold and update an independent database, ensuring transparency and security.

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The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD), a component of the World Bank Group, aims to utilize the bond to fund sustainable development initiatives, with the bond itself being listed on the prestigious Luxembourg Stock Exchange.

Global banking giant Citi took on the roles of issuer agent and investment manager for this venture, while investment manager TD Securities served as the dealer. The bond was successfully issued on R3’s Corda blockchain, according to statements from R3.

Lieve Mostrey, CEO of Euroclear, expressed the significance of this launch, emphasizing the company’s commitment to empowering investors, enhancing market transparency, and contributing to the growth and stability of all market participants.

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Tokenization: Bridging TradFi and Digital Assets

This issuance serves as a prime example of the ongoing convergence between traditional financial services (TradFi) and digital assets. The practice of placing real-world assets (RWA) on blockchain-based frameworks, known as tokenization, is poised to revolutionize the industry by boosting efficiency, reducing operational costs, and increasing accessibility and transparency.

Industry experts predict a promising future for tokenized assets, with digital asset investment firm projecting the market could expand to a staggering $3.5 trillion to $10 trillion by the end of the decade.

Anshula Kant, World Bank’s Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer, underscored the shift, stating,

“A transition to digitization is underway in the capital markets,”

marking a pivotal moment in the evolution of financial services.

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