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GoEthereum is already used by many blockchain consortiums. The problem that arose with the proof-of-work component was that it required a significant amount of mining power to secure the network. Along with the random block generation as opposed to the preferred semi-interval, GoEthereum users lacked a tool to manage and deploy contracts with relative ease.

Ethermint allows for this deployment of smart contracts very similar to GoEthereum’s processes while providing a safer network for its developers and users. It utilizes tools such as geth attach and Web 3 which GoEthereum users are already familiar with, making this modification easily adaptable.

For more information see the press release below:

While we were at the Shanghai Devcon event a little less than two months ago, we met and discovered a number of companies that were very interested in an integration between GoEthereum and Tendermint.

GoEthereum is being used by a number of consortium blockchain initiatives. But the proof-of-work component is less than ideal in consortium settings. For one, the blockchain isn’t secure until it has a sufficient amount of mining power behind it. Also, the blocks are generated stochastically, rather than at semi-regular intervals. There’s no doubt about it, consortium blockchains require Byzantine fault-tolerant consensus like that provided by Tendermint.

Today, we’re happy to announce Ethermint. It’s a minimal modification of GoEthereum that includes Tendermint consensus, compiled as a single binary. It works out of the box with standard ethereum tooling like geth attach and web3, so you can deploy contracts and interact with them just as you would with GoEthereum. See the repository for more details:

Please join us on Slack at#ethermint or email us and give us feedback. We want to make Ethermint as accessible and useful for as many people as possible.

To see other applications and libraries, visit

Many thanks to the GoEthereum team for building a fantastic state transition machine, and to Kobi Gurkan for doing most of the work integrating it with Tendermint.

Los Silva is a writer and filmmaker who has collaborated with tech and design companies. His interest in Ethereum stems from emerging creative applications that allow artists control of their work through blockchain technology.
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