Hardfork No4 spurious dragon successful

Ever since the announcement last week, Ethereum users have been preparing for the network’s latest hard fork. Well it’s finally here: the Spurious Dragon has swooped in and hard forked the network.

The hard fork occurred on the main-net at block 2,675,000 as planned, and is running smoothly. Blocks are continuing to be added, and the Ethereum network appears to be operating normally.

As long as Ethereum users have upgraded their client (like Geth or Parity) there shouldn’t be any issues or interruptions. An early glance at the Ethereum subreddit and Twitter show no complaints as of this writing. Jeffrey Wilcke, one of Ethereum’s founders, tweeted:

This hard fork implemented EIP 155: Replay attack protection, EIP 160: EXP cost increase, EIP 161: State trie clearing, and EIP 170: Contract code size limit. So now Ethereum should be running faster, smoother, and, most important, more securely.

If you’re looking for a few more specifics, more information was released in an Ethereum Foundation blog post update.

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