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Ethereum, Ripple and Everlodge to See a Massive Spike in Price According to ChatGPT

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ChatGPT is one of the largest AI-driven chatbots utilized by millions of people. As a result, it also made its way towards crypto predictions. According to this, AI, Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), and Everlodge (ELDG) can see significant increases in value during 2023. To see just how far they can rise, we will go over their on-chart data.


  • Ethereum can rise in value as high as $2,335.71 by the end of Q4 based on ChatGPT
  • ChatGPT projects that Ripple can spike to $0.79 by the end of 2023
  • The ChatGPT AI projects 70x growth for Everlodge

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Ethereum (ETH) to Rise Above $2,300 According to ChatGPT

Ethereum (ETH) trades at a value of $1,570.17, and during the past week, its value jumped from a low point of $1,528.77 to a high point of $1,601.75. Moreover, within the last year, it saw a massive price increase, where Ethereum rose in value by 20%.

In addition, with a market cap of $189,154,775,199, ETH is currently the second largest crypto in terms of market cap. As a result, ChatGPT is currently bullish on the future of Ethereum. According to the Ethereum price prediction, the AI-driven chatbot projects that the crypto can rise as high as $2,335.71.

ChatGPT Projects That Ripple (XRP) Can Climb to $0.79

Ripple (XRP), on the other hand, has also experienced a price upswing. The crypto now trades at a value of $0.487565, and during the past week, it increased in value from $0.476576 to $0.499287.

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Now, $0.60 is its next major price barrier, and if Ripple manages to break past it, it can reach new heights. Currently, Ripple is the 5th largest crypto with a market cap of $26,082,547,289. However, analysts are bullish on its future, and according to the Ripple price prediction, it can surge as high as $0.79.

Everlodge (ELDG) to Rise by 70x, According to ChatGPT

Aside from Ethereum and Ripple, another crypto that can soon surge in value is Everlodge. This is an upcoming platform for real estate investments that will solve some of the key issues of the industry.

Traditionally, investors would need a lot of upfront capital. Moreover, there are a lot of complexities with documentation and purchases. This is especially the case for buying a property outside of their country of residence. As a result, Everlodge will establish a platform that will make all of this accessible and affordable. 

The Everlodge platform will mint properties as NFTs and will then fractionalize them. As a result, a property worth millions of dollars can be purchased with as little as $100. Through the platform, anyone can build a diversified portfolio of numerous properties.

At the center of it all is the ELDG token. Currently, the project is at Stage 5 of its presale, and the Everlodge crypto trades at $0.02. According to the price prediction made by ChatGPT, the crypto can rise by 70x at launch.

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