Ethereum foundation dev diary 2017 wk1

One of Ethereum’s founders, Jeffrey Wilcke, shared a link on reddit to the latest entry of their “Dev Diary.” The diary, hosted on GitHub, is a simple recap of progress on projects the Foundation is working on. While past updates have been fairly irregular, they wish to have more consistent entries in the future. Wilcke stated, “The idea is to do these weekly on Mondays.”

Consistent entries create more communication and transparency from the Foundation, which will appease members of the Ethereum community who wish to be kept current on projects.

The diary covers the work of multiple people across many different teams. There are several highlights, including a new hire, integrating the light client in Mist, and general bug squashing for the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) and light client protocol.

Ethereum Foundation Dev Diary entry for Week 1 - Friday, 6 January 2017:


  • Working on automated UI tests #1553
  • New hire! (@maiavictor)
  • Progress on ENS name registrar
  • Testing Light client integration
  • Lots of progress on web3 version 1.0
  • Web3 released 0.18


  • Improved EVM byte code interpreter #3378
  • Working on EVM 64bit gas operations #3514
  • Progress on the public Go API, many packages have reduced dependencies.
  • Making light client API faster on mobile by removing RPC client/server round trip


  • Finished whisper stand-alone node and cmd-line chat
  • Working on whisper mail server


  • ENSDNS launched!
  • Lots of progress on the ENS registrar DApp.
  • Bugfixes for issues identified in the .eth registrar on Ropsten.


  • More or less finalised account management APIs
  • Written the account management developer guide

Light client

  • Improved request distribution based on results of stress testing
  • Improved reliability and squashed bugs
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