Dev diary week 2

Jeffrey Wilcke, an Ethereum founder, recently updated the Ethereum “Dev Diary.” The GitHub based diary is being used to recap the weekly activity of developers working on Ethereum projects. When releasing the last entry, Wilcke had said the idea was to update the diary weekly. He has delivered so far, with the latest update: “Week 2 (9 Jan 2017).”

The update serves to highlight the level of transparency and increased communication between the Ethereum Foundation and Ethereum community members. The diary covers several advancements in the Ethereum ecosystem, including: a new Geth release (v1.5.6), news that the ENS registrar Dapp works end-to-end (though is still in alpha), Mist was able to integrate the ENS dapp, testing and debugging of the Whisper mail server, and much more.

Ethereum Foundation Dev Diary entry for Week 2 – Jan. 9th, 2017:




  • Updated geth and solidity releases
  • Removed old references in README
  • Added Swarm commands to the ethereum brew


  • Registrar DApp now works end-to-end for registering names (still alpha!)
  • Progress on handling IDNA names correctly, using a pure-JS implementation of stringprep/nameprep.
  • Updates to the hashregistrar to check the current state of an auction and make sure some actions can only happen in specific states. It reduces code complexity and error potential


  • As above, mist now has a bare bones working ENS app for the testnet
  • Testing compatibility with latest geth version
  • Release binaries generation and uploading using CI (Travis)
  • Integration/regression tests


  • Mail Server: testing and debugging



  • Investigate bounty-report
  • Prepare the easter challenge
  • Started auditing multisig wallet



  • Proof of concept of geth+EVMJIT is online for over a month


  • Performance improvements in the optimizer
  • Changed assembly output to "standard assembly"
  • Disallow overwriting members of different kind through inheritance



  • Build test on pull-requests
  • Auto generation of PDF on merge
  • Including git hash in output PDF
  • EIP6 update (selfdestruct)
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