ETC declaration of independence

After developing a community and a movement, Ethereum Classic has officially announced its separation from the Ethereum Foundation.

Ethereum Classic released a Declaration of Independence on their website stating they no longer want to be in association with the Foundation. The document, signed by the community, highlights the Ethereum values, which they believed were violated as well as how they plan to move forward.

The community came together a week before the hard fork, opposing the Foundation’s decision. They believe the blockchain should remain decentralized and untouched by censorship. The choice to move forward in order to retrieve stolen coins goes against everything the Foundation and the original chain stood for, according to the declaration.

“It is however, with deep regret, that we as a community have had to spontaneously organize to defend the Ethereum blockchain platform from its founding members and organization due to a long train of abuses, specifically by the leadership of the Ethereum Foundation.”

With the agreement of the rest of the community, Ethereum Classic has compiled a list of principles to secure its future. Along with running a decentralized platform to build applications free of censorship and a third party, the community recognized that code is law. No transaction should ever be reserved, and if any forks were to occur on their platform, they would only be authorized for upgrades.

Ethereum Classic has made their Open Source software available to anyone who wants to build decentralized applications using their chain.

“It is now freely available for all who wish to improve and build upon it: a truly free and trustless world computer that we together as a community have proven and will continue to prove is anti-fragile.”

It’s been almost four weeks since the community was created. Users and developers for ETC have expressed their opinions about that the matter, and their desire to only use the ETC chain. Bit Novosti, a moderator on Ethereum Classic’s reddit page and a Russian news source, commented on why the document was necessary after the hard fork.

“Any practical steps we undertake should be based on firm foundation laid out in principles,” Novosti wrote on Slack. This document is important, in the same sense that the US Declaration of Independence was important. It turns a mutiny into a revolution. It may be a formality, but an important one.”

The declaration details their opposition towards the Foundation and their reasons for decisions made after the DAO hack. However, they do hold the Foundation and its developers in high regard for creating the core principles of the decentralized platform of Ethereum.

“It certainly can be said without objection, that without their hard work and dedication that we as a community would not be where we are today,” says the community.

The release of the document arrived just after the 2050000 block was mined.

New Hampshire native, Danielle Meegan, is a writer based in Los Angeles. She has been published in a couple of sports and entertainment magazines and newspapers throughout the years and has dabbled with multiple virtual currency exchanges to understand the 'ins and outs' of trading. Danielle has invested in over 15 different virtual currencies, including Ether.
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