Ethereum android goes beta

Earlier this year, P-ACS, a team of Java developers, had set out to create an Android compatible Ethereum API app for developers.

They wrote out their goals and mapped out their quest back in May, and now their Ethereum Android mobile app is in its beta mode, free to be downloaded in the Google Play store.

According to the team, they became enchanted with the Ethereum technology and its possibilities like so many others before them. As they began to get involved with the technology and educated themselves, they realized that there was a lack of Android support for Ethereum applications. They also felt that the few existing Ethereum wallets were either “scams or cross-platform apps not optimized for Android and with centralized nodes on third-party servers.” However, running Ethereum on Android without the use of a third-party would mean that it has to connect to a full node, which would take up too much space on the device. Their solution? To develop a native Android app that offers a good user experience, and simpler ways to connect to an Ethereum full node on a personal server.

About their beta wallet:

“As the whole world around Ethereum and blockchain technology is still in its infancy and thus often very cumbersome to use we designed the app with the goal to relieve some of this inherent complexity. The look and feel as well as the navigation of our wallet app use Google’s Material Design metaphor and is therefore, similar to well-known and broadly used Android apps.”

They’re utilizing Parity for its transaction tracing API, which allows an entire viewable transaction history without the need to query a block explorer. They’re also allowing new users the ability to either choose an auto-generated identity or to import an existing one. For users who are completely new to Ethereum, the team wanted to make using their wallet app as easy as possible without the users losing any real funds while they learn to use it. The Proof-of-Authority chain makes this possible and allows “near-instant transaction approvals” while users can play around anonymously, and without the risk of lost funds. More experienced users can, of course, connect their own Ethereum node easily.

“Our secure proxy makes it possible to connect your Ethereum Node end-to-end encrypted with our wallet app and assures that only harmless JSON RPC calls are accepted.

Connect your app with Ethereum

We extended our library. It is now possible to securely access the low-level API of the Ethereum Virtual Machine. Additionally though still experimental we built an abstraction layer on top to hide the complexity of smart contract interaction. It offers Android Developers to use regular Java Interfaces to create and interact with smart contracts so that they can focus on their individual app and don’t need to care about Solidity as well as RLP. This opens the door for countless possibilities to use blockchain technology in the context of Android Apps.”

To test out the app with your Android phone, download it in the Google Play store.

Brianne Rivlin has been writing within the internet field for over seven years. During the last few years, she has been heavily influenced by blockchain tech, virtual currencies, and Ethereum.
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