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Elon Musk’s Bold New Feature on ‘X’ App Stirs Mixed Reactions in Crypto World

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  • Elon Musk introduces a new “game-changer” feature on the rebranded ‘X’ app, eliciting varied reactions from the crypto community.
  • Despite his innovative strides, Musk clarifies that he has no plans to launch any cryptocurrency through his companies.

Musk’s Innovative Streak Continues with ‘X’ App

Tech visionary Elon Musk, following his high-profile acquisition of Twitter, now rebranded as ‘X’, has been actively integrating innovative features to enhance user engagement and content creation. His latest feature, which he touts as a “game-changer,” allows community admins on ‘X’ to use multiple data feeds to enrich community experiences. This announcement, however, has met with mixed reactions from the crypto community.

Community Response to Musk’s Innovation

The new feature enables admins to link lists to their communities, integrating posts from these lists into the community’s top tab. While this feature aims to streamline content sharing and consumption on ‘X’, it has garnered both praise and criticism from users. Some express enthusiasm for the potential improvements, while others point out issues like regional limitations and the need for more effective content filtering. A prominent critique also came from the Shiba Inu team’s marketing manager, who voiced dissatisfaction with the Premium Plus subscription on ‘X’.

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Musk’s Stance on Cryptocurrency

Amidst the evolving landscape of digital currencies and the aftermath of the FTX collapse, Elon Musk has reiterated his position on not launching any cryptocurrency through his companies. This statement was made in response to discussions surrounding the surge of a token named ‘XAI’ following the release of Musk’s new AI product, Grok. Despite the proliferation of crypto tokens featuring ‘grok’ in their names post-launch, Musk remains steadfast in his decision to steer clear of creating a proprietary cryptocurrency.

Conclusion: A Tech Titan’s Influence on Crypto Conversations

The introduction of Musk’s new feature on ‘X’ and his clear stance on cryptocurrency ventures underscore his influence in the technology and crypto sectors. As Musk continues to innovate and shape digital platforms, his actions and statements remain pivotal in driving discussions and developments within the crypto community.

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