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Elevating Terra’s Worth: ARC-64 & ARC-71 Votes May Trigger a Price Surge Wave

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  • ARC-64 Proposal: Transfer of over 10 million $ASTRO for LP rewards to SeiNetwork.
  • ARC-71 part 2: Introducing updated passive concentrated liquidity pools on Terra following a bug correction.

The Bridge to SeiNetwork

Astroport, a leading figure in the blockchain and DeFi space, has presented the ARC-64 proposal which outlines an initiative to bridge a substantial amount of $ASTRO tokens from their Assembly Treasury contract on Terra to the Astroport satellite contract on the SeiNetwork mainnet. If this proposal receives a green light, a whopping 10,402,412 $ASTRO will be IBC (Inter-Blockchain Communication) transferred. Once moved, these tokens will be geared to serve as rewards for the Astroport deployment on the SeiNetwork, fostering greater interconnectivity between these two blockchain entities and enhancing rewards for liquidity providers.

Refining Terra’s Concentrated Liquidity Pools

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In another ambitious move, Astroport has introduced the ARC-71 part 2 proposal. This proposal focuses on Terra, a blockchain platform renowned for its stablecoin prowess and innovative financial applications. The core of this proposal is to implement passive concentrated liquidity pools on Terra. For those unfamiliar, concentrated liquidity pools enable providers to narrow the price ranges where their liquidity is utilized, maximizing potential returns. However, the introduction of this feature is not entirely new.

An earlier version of passive concentrated liquidity pools had been submitted, but a glitch in liquidity provisioning was identified. As a testament to Astroport’s commitment to excellence and user safety, this bug has been addressed, and the proposal has been resubmitted for community approval.

Astroport, along with other innovative platforms like Terra, Injective, and Neutron, are in the experimental phase. Participants and enthusiasts are encouraged to be informed and cautious. Before delving deep, it’s always prudent to review any disclaimers provided by the platform, ensuring that you’re abreast of any potential risks and nuances associated with these avant-garde technologies.

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