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Eight Dragons Acquires Stake In Rokk3r Labs




Investment firm Eight Dragons Co. used blockchain technology, among other factors, as a basis for investing in venture builder, Rokk3r Labs.

Eight Dragons Co., a technology-investment firm, has announced that it has taken an equity position in Miami-based venture firm, Rokk3r Labs.

Eight Dragons CEO and chairman Una Taylor explained to ETHNews that "Rokk3r's Labs' work in blockchain was one of several factors that led Eight Dragons to acquire an equity stake."

Founded in 2012, Rokk3r Labs has streamlined a repeatable process for accelerating fledgling businesses, mitigating risk factors, and capitalizing on better returns for investors. Rokk3r Labs pursues the development of breakthrough technologies, including artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, and blockchain technology.

Nabyl Charania, CEO and co-founder of Rokk3r Labs, said the company is focused on blockchain technology to build value in intellectual property:

"We aren’t simply developing blockchain IP [intellectual property] across our portfolio of startups. We are converging blockchain technologies with accelerating technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics, and more. That not only significantly increases the value of the IP that is being built, but also opens up new avenues of value creation across entrepreneurship and innovation that haven’t yet come to mainstream."

Taylor said Eight Dragons is constantly evaluating what's next:

"With the equity stake in Rokk3r Labs, we immediately have access to their global network of exponential entrepreneurs and innovators. We are able to better understand for example how different industry models for the blockchain operate from Vietnam to Venezuela, across a variety of industries." 

Taylor is focused on crunching the numbers for now. Eight Dragons will carefully test and iterate blockchain technology across "different swaths of our ecosystem and will implement to scale as we meet management defined KPIs [key performance indicators] for this." After collating the data from its experiments to ensure it doesn't lose sight of where industries apply blockchain technology, Eight Dragons will adapt accordingly.

Taylor added that being at the ground level of the blockchain boom means her team must weed out the hype in order to focus on innovation and execution across industries on a global scale. "Blockchain technology can't be seen as a quick fix or the fix of all fixes," she said.

Jeremy Nation

Jeremy Nation is a writer living in Los Angeles with interests in technology, human rights, and cuisine.

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