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Edward Kim’s Groundbreaking AI Chain Shocks Terra Classic Community

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    • The Terra Classic community gets a preview of Block Entropy, a blockchain-based AI generation engine, currently under development by Edward Kim.
    • This AI chain, showcasing applications like AI-generated images, promises to elevate the potential of the Terra Classic blockchain significantly, aiming to merge AI and blockchain technologies effectively.

In a riveting development, the Terra Classic (LUNC) community recently savored a sneak peek of the Block Entropy AI chain, the brainchild of renowned developer and Computer Science professor at Drexel University, Edward Kim. This project stands as an impressive manifestation of the fusion between blockchain technology and artificial intelligence (AI).

An intriguing preview was provided by Vinh Nguyen, an L1JTF developer based in Vietnam, who shared a screenshot of Block Entropy’s interface. The snapshot revealed an AI-rendered image of a cat, symbolizing one of the many potential applications of this revolutionary app chain. Nguyen proudly acclaimed Block Entropy as the premier blockchain-based AI generation engine, with the showcased image marking the first-ever output from this engine.

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Additionally, he hinted at future plans to open an NFT sale associated with these AI-generated creations.

The AI-rendered image boasted remarkable precision and contrast, standing on par with existing platforms like MidJourney. Further information inferred from the interface reveals the inclusion of voice generation and AI chat functionalities within Block Entropy’s capabilities. Notably, Nguyen is currently a closed beta tester, but public testing is on Professor Kim’s imminent agenda.

Further stoking anticipation, the project manager of L1JTF, LuncBurnArmy (LBA), revealed another Block Entropy interface teaser, featuring an engaging image of a dog participating in a poker game.

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Block Entropy, under Kim’s expert guidance, is being developed to run on the Terra Classic blockchain. This AI app chain seeks to leverage the power of AI and merge it seamlessly with blockchain solutions. Previously in April, Kim released a whitepaper preview outlining the project’s objectives and potential.

He had earlier announced that Block Entropy’s testnet would be publicly accessible by mid-May. However, those interested in procuring testnet tokens are required to burn actual LUNC tokens, substantiating the burn transaction hash as proof. Professor Kim also mentioned the completion of the Interchain Accounts (ICA) module, a feature designed to streamline communication with the Terra Classic network.

This module is slated for integration with LUNC upon achieving network parity. The much-awaited v2.1.0 upgrade, set to introduce network parity, is marked for June 14, according to a recent report by The Crypto Basic.

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