Editorial Policy

The objective of ETHNews is to report on newsworthy events concerning Ethereum blockchain platform and the cryptocurrency that fuels it, Ether.


ETHNews is an independent publication. We are a non-monetizing media outlet—our site does not publish any form of advertising, including sponsored content, and we do not accept payment in exchange for publishing content. Our content submission page is for suggestions and sharing of newsworthy and relevant information. The replication of such content is at the discretion of our media and editorial team.

ETHNews is a subsidiary of Berns, Inc., whose CEO, Jeffrey Berns, owns Ether. Mr. Berns does not have any editorial control over ETHNews.

Our Commitment to Content

ETHNews is an emerging provider of Ethereum and Blockchain ecosystem news. We cover breaking news, announcements, information, and in-depth analyses on Ethereum, blockchain, and virtual currency developments. We strive to report news accurately and objectively. ETHNews currently employs in-house, full time writers and continuously seeks out opportunities to work with writers around the world. We work vigorously to fact check and source the statements and assertions made in our articles. ETHNews reports news without adding puffery or propaganda, and always endeavors to report independently without undue influence.

Writers & Cryptocurrency Holdings

ETHNews does not restrict its writing staff from owning any virtual currency, nor does it prohibit members of its team from investing in blockchain projects. However, employed writers of ETHNews must disclose ownership of cryptocurrencies in their author bios, where the value exceeds $300 USD, and disclose investments in any blockchain projects. Content contributors are advised, but are not required to, disclose their connection to specific projects and/or ties to any blockchain-related entities and to disclose ownership of cryptocurrencies in their author bios.

Writers’ Views & Opinions

Occasionally, ETHNews will publish Op-ed articles; the views and opinion of the author do not necessarily constitute the views and opinion of ETHNews.


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