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Distributed Digest: Monday, February 18, 2019




Ethereum community members support Afri Schoedon, ETHDenver names hackathon finalists, and OmiseGO releases its alpha.

Your daily distillation of crypto news for Monday, February 18, 2019:

We Need to Talk About Afri

In the past few days, a vocal contingent of Ethereans has accused Parity's Afri Schoedon of a wide range of ills, from having a conflict of interest in working at Parity to being an anti-Ethereum mole. What started as a bit of Twitter criticism related to Afri's work on Polkadot got overheated, judging by core devs' reactions this morning, leading Schoedon to withdraw from various social media channels. His longtime collaborator and friend María Paula Fernández said he told her that he was "done with Ethereum."

In response to this debacle, several community members have shown their support for Schoedon, with some, such as core developer Hudson Jameson, seeing the situation as an opportunity for growth. Jameson today began a reddit AMA related to Ethereum leadership and accountability. Fernández, too, added a ring to the Fellowship of Ethereum Magicians' upcoming Council of Paris to discuss preserving Ethereans' integrity.

Whether individuals support or oppose Schoedon, the Ethereum community is shaken. (For our take, see our full article.)

ETHDenver Finalists

Finalists for the ETHDenver hackathon, which concluded yesterday, have been posted on the Kauri content aggregation platform. There are finalists in two categories: open and impact. Fourteen projects were chosen for the open category, ranging from an on-chain oracle called Delfi to an ETH 2.0 beacon chain simulation.

The impact category features six finalists, ranging from a carbon community project called Carbos to, a platform using zk-SNARKs for confidential burner wallet transactions.

OmiseGO Alpha, Activate!

OmiseGO, the Ethereum-based scaling solution for finance, recently announced the release of its More Viable Plasma (MVP) test network, Ari. OmiseGO decided to launch the alpha because it feels it's "in a good place with [its] builds, deployments, and smart contract development." Ari, however, represents OmiseGO's internal MVP testnet.

The next version of OmiseGO's network will be its external beta. The team said it intends to "use the beta phase to observe real-world usage and look for bugs or flaws that haven't been discovered in the alpha phase." OmiseGO only wants to deploy its network to mainnet after "the code has been thoroughly tested and audited."

Dani Putney

Dani is a full-time writer for ETHNews. They received their bachelor's degree in English writing from the University of Nevada, Reno, where they also studied journalism and queer theory. In their free time, they write poetry, play the piano, and fangirl over fictional characters. They live with their partner, three dogs, and two cats in the middle of nowhere, Nevada.

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