Digix Releases Marketplace UI

Digix Global, an asset-tokenization platform built on Ethereum which deposits digital gold into Ethereum user’s wallets, just released a video of their UI for their marketplace, DGX 2.0.

Their video overview of the UI design showcases the new marketplace functions. Some highlights include the Digix front page which shows three icons for a “Marketplace”, “Vault”, and “Account.”

Once you hover over “Marketplace” it turns into “Buy Products”, which takes you to a page where you can purchase DGX Tokens:

Every DGX token represents 1 gram of segregated, unallocated gold from LBMA-approved refineries held in Digix’s custodial vault via the Proof of Asset Protocol. All gold comes from 99.99% LBMA-Approved refineries and are divisible up to 4 decimal placings.

DGX tokens follow ERC 20 Token Standard on Ethereum, can be used and integrated along with any Dapps in the Ethereum ecosystem. Users can also recast their DGX tokens with Digix into physical gold bullion for redemption (minimum 100g bars are available).

Five benefits of DGX Gold Tokens are listed below:


DX is backed by the real-world precious metal, keeping a stable value of a long period of time and protecting you from volatility.


You can easily manage ownership using Ethereum private keys; no third party service is required after purchase.


DGX is as easy to transfer to external accounts and contracts using our online hosted and light wallets.


(Repeated from Transferable) DGX is as easy to transfer to external accounts and contracts using our online hosted and light wallets.


Combining DGX with the power of smart contracts allows for unimaginable potential use cases.

As the video continues on, it shows a demo of how to purchase DGX tokens with your preferred currency on their drop down menu. Currencies supported in their purchase list are Ether, Bitcoin, US Dollars, Japanese Yen, and Gold Gram.

Watch the full video overview below (There is no music accompaniment):

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