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Digix Announces Spectrum Lightsuite For Ethereum




This new software is a full spectrum tool box for the Ethereum ecosystem

Digix Global, the platform most notably known for its gold-backed tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, has announced the arrival of their latest software development, “Spectrum.” The project has been coined as a “Lightsuite” because of its ability to be used in a browser on a hosted (or local) Ethereum node, while containing more features than a traditional Light Wallet.  

According to a Medium article published by Digix on December 17, 2016, Spectrum provides, “an interface for users to interact with a blockchain by creating accounts, connecting to a node, reading chain data, signing and broadcasting transactions.”

Digix began with the goal of creating the best UX options for investors, developers, and casual users through a ‘zero-install’ entry point for a frictionless reception to the Ethereum network. For developers, this allows for the rapid building of dapps so that new DigixDAO experiences can be rolled out faster for existing Spectrum users.


“Spectrum achieves its UX goal through a combination of technologies that marry the accessibility of MyEtherWallet, the portability of Jaxx and the Dapp store platform vision of Mist/Parity.”

According to Digix, the Lightsuite works everywhere and is designed to be fully functional in any modern browser or device, and, “using spectrum is as simple as visiting a website.”


The software works instantly with no installs and requires no wait time for the blockchain to re-sync. Security and convenience are achieved by connecting users to Ethereum through third party nodes and signing transactions on the client, without requiring a central trusted service. Spectrum’s encrypted app-state backup system allows users to sync accounts, transactions, and other data with a number of easy-to-use storage adapters. Spectrum users will also be able to share individual app sessions with multiple devices using JSON File, Google Drive, Dropbox, IPFS and eventually, Swarm.


Spectrum’s Semantic user interface (UI) is a responsive grid that provides an optimized user experience on mobile devices, desktop computers, and tablets. Offline transaction signing generates data for every transaction, allowing for a seamless cold-storage experience.

Session backups include accounts configuration and Ethereum private keys, as well as application state and transaction history. These functions allow users to perform the following operations:

  • Divide portfolios into different security groups
  • Keep existing encrypted wallets and account-specific app data in the same location encrypted with AES256
  • Optional custom entropy

Digix further explains:

“In app storage and runtime state, keystores are always stored as the standard, serialized, encrypted v3 objects. A secret key that is not saved in persistent state is required to be entered to decrypt and sign the transaction. Various storage adapters are available for backup/restoring of sessions, as well as standard exporting for keystores.”

To summarize, each backup strategy will create an encrypted file that contains personal settings and encrypted private keys. These files can be stored in a number of ways, such as cloud services or via Swarm.

A full list of keystore exports can be found on Digix’s Medium article, along with descriptions of Web3-Redux, multi-nodes, middleware and dapplets. Additionally, Digix has published a prospective road map for Spectrum’s progress in 2017 that begins with alpha trials next week. Items to be tested during this phase include local storage sessions, private key import sessions, and quick transfers of Ether (ETH) and other tokens.

ETHNews will be following the alpha demos for the Spectrum Lightsuite along with other developments.   

Los Silva

Los Silva is a writer and filmmaker who has collaborated with tech and design companies. His interest in Ethereum stems from emerging creative applications that allow artists control of their work through blockchain technology.

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