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The broad selection of tools that are freely available to the Ethereum community is perpetuating growth and development.

The availability of plug-and-play decentralized modules frees a developer from routine development work and allows the developer to focus fully on the Dapp’s value proposition.DigixGlobal’s Anthony Eufemio delivered a presentation on robust security, and reminds us that good software architecture leads to good security. With proper tools and architecture, we can write better and more secure code. That means using established code patterns, ensuring code is auditable and readable, and reusing battle-tested code that will alleviate concerns. This was an important presentation for Dapp developers without a security background, who aren’t used to writing code for mission-critical smart contracts. Now they can rely on tools and modules that are made available by companies like DigixGlobal, to strengthen their security.

A nice overview of Orbit came from Samuli Poyhtari, Software Engineer at Protocol Labs Inc. Orbit is a distributed, real-time web3 peer-to-peer chat application that’s built on IPFS (Inter-Planetary-File-Sharing) and Ethereum. It integrates seamlessly with the uPort identity system, which verifies that messages are really from the person you think they’re from. Poyhtari finished up his segment with stating his personal goal: to put Orbit in orbit.

Finally, Zach Ramsay and RJ Catalano delivered Eris Industries’ presentation on "Chain Orchestration Tooling and Smart Contract Package Management." This presentation deals with the problems specific to packaging for the blockchain. Eris’ suite of tools is available to download today using Homebrew (OSX), apt-get (Debian) and choco/Chocolatey (Windows).

High performance computing analyst and blockchain developer based in Northern Ireland. Eamonn is a Guest Writer for ETHNews. His views and opinions do not necessarily constitute the views and opinions of ETHNews.
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