Devcon 3 registration live

The Ethereum Foundation has officially opened up registration for this year’s Ethereum Developers Conference, Devcon3, hosted in Cancun, Mexico, from November 1-4, 2017. The four-day event, which will be held at the Cancun International Convention Center, will feature presentations on advanced research topics and include appearances from well-respected figures in the Ethereum community, including Vitalik Buterin.

According to the Foundation, it is still developing the agenda and continuing to vet submissions.

However, the goal of the conference remains the same as to what it’s always been: to provide the best possible educational developers conference relevant to the Ethereum platform and base layer R&D. As per the website:

“The Foundation is pleased to continue to provide the main developers conference in the Ethereum space for a community that stands out for its shared vision, drive, enthusiasm, and involvement in both community driven open source projects as well as rapidly growing ones taking shape in many other sectors including business, trade, industry, government, education and more.”

Advanced purchase pricing is available on the Devcon3 website. Currently, passes are going for $900, but are expected to increase at some point. In the meantime, all students, independent developers, and developers working for companies and startups valued under $1 million may apply for special pricing. The Foundation has yet to name the sponsors of the event.

ETHNews will continue to provide updates on Devcon3.

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