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Decentralizing Entertainment: SingularDTV Integrates the uPort Identity System




SingularDTV, an Ethereum-based entertainment production studio integrates uPort to deliver a decentralized identity system.

SingularDTV is an Ethereum-based entertainment production studio that aims to decentralize the entertainment industry. By using smart contracts, they will protect creative rights and deliver transparency through providing project revenue. The team of writers, directors, actors, crew, and those who invest in each project will also receive a percentage of the profits.

However, in lieu of the traditional centralized methods of creating identities for each individual, SingularDTV is sticking to their concept of decentralization and integrating the uPort identity management system.

Most users’ identities are found online, contained within a few social media platforms and on those companies’ central servers. Most of this information that’s housed on the companies’ central servers is free for these companies to profit off of and vulnerable to malicious hackers. As the recent Yahoo hack has revealed, this happens far too often.

uPort, a decentralized identity system that does not own users’ information, was created to counter these issues. uPort is a mobile self-sovereign identity and key management system, that’s built on the Ethereum blockchain. Created for users and developers, it consists of Ethereum smart contracts, open-source libraries, and an easy user interface on their mobile app. SingularDTV can easily accept uPort identities with only five lines of code, and users can easily access and curate their own self-sovereign identities on the app.

uPort’s ideology is formed with the incentive of providing users with a secure and convenient way to own and control the facets of who they are online: identity, reputation, data, and their assets. This decentralized model aligns with SingularDTV’s goals of disrupting our current system and decentralizing the entertainment space.

Below is their full press release:

uPort to Deliver Identity to SingularDTV Ecosystem

NEW YORK, November 1, 2016 -- SingularDTV announces plans with uPort to deliver decentralized, self-sovereign identity to the SingularDTV ecosystem.  Decentralized identity will play an important role in the new type of user experience SingularDTV is creating, an experience not possible on the internet due to its centralized networking architecture which fosters a lack of synergy between network and data.

uPort, an application developed by venture production studio ConsenSys, is a self-sovereign identity and key management system built on the Ethereum blockchain consisting of an easy-to-use mobile app, Ethereum smart contracts, and open source libraries.  Businesses can accept uPort identities, while users can easily access and curate their identities and build their reputations.  uPort uses standards built in collaboration with leading organization such as Microsoft.  The uPort whitepaper can be read here, .

Zach LeBeau, CEO of SingularDTV comments, "Decentralization offers a completely new paradigm of user experience and functionality that the internet cannot deliver.  Identity will play an important role in the SingularDTV ecosystem.  It is one of many revolutionary applications we will be integrating into our platform."

Currently, digital identity is managed much differently on the internet.  Facebook and Twitter, for example, own their users digital identities.  but on SingularDTV, both audience and content producers will control and own their identities.  Decentralized digital identity is also uniform throughout Ethereum.  On the internet however, a merchant on Amazon who has been selling products for several years and has built a reputation based on a collection of reviews and ratings is not able to take that same identity history to eBay if they want to begin selling there.  Instead, they need to build their identity and reputation from the beginning.  With decentralized identity on Ethereum, users can take their identities with them everywhere.

Rouven Heck, Product Lead of uPort comments, "We are excited to work with the SingularDTV team.  They are building an exciting new ecosystem, where uPort can best demonstrate the power of a user-centric reputation based identity system."

About uPort

uPort is a self soverign identity and key management system built on the Ethereum blockchain consisting of an easy-to-use mobile app, Ethereum smart contracts and open source libraries.

About SingularDTV (S-DTV)

SingularDTV is a blockchain entertainment studio and rights management platform building a decentralized entertainment industry on the Ethereum blockchain.

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Brianne Rivlin

Brianne Rivlin has been writing within the internet field for over seven years. During the last few years, she has been heavily influenced by blockchain tech, virtual currencies, and Ethereum.

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