What are DAPPS?

A Dapp is a conjunction of the words ‘decentralized application’. Dapps (often pronounced De-apps) are decentralized, which means they are run by a network of multiple computers throughout the globe.

Centralized systems put the trust and authority into one main entity. This network, however, is community focused and not controlled by a single authority. Most people are familiar with the typical applications they can download and run on their phones or computers. But unlike regular web apps, Dapps may not be served from one central server. Regular apps have all their data coming from their own company servers, and one single authority.

Ethereum dapp depiction
DAPPS are powered by many people and computers, rather than one entity.

Regular apps require a user login which collects all of your personal identity data (ex. name, birthdate, address, etc.). However, Dapps can work off the blockchain to function and simply require a private address, (which is a random string of characters that holds no personal information), for users to login.

Dapps are critical because they can be used to connect buyers and sellers in marketplaces, for sharing or storing files, maintaining a virtual currency, and executing smart contracts all in a system devoid of complete censorship.


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