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CryptoQuant Report: Bitcoin ETF Approval Could Fuel $1 Trillion Crypto Rally

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  • Bitcoin’s market cap is set to surge by nearly $350 billion if spot ETFs gain approval.
  • Major Wall Street giants, including BlackRock, eagerly await the green light for a Bitcoin ETF.

The Implications of Bitcoin ETF on Cryptocurrency Landscape

In the constantly evolving world of blockchain and cryptocurrency, Bitcoin ETFs (Exchange-Traded Funds) are becoming the talk of the town. A recent report by on-chain data specialist firm, CryptoQuant, gives a rather optimistic forecast. According to their analysis, should spot ETFs receive approval in the upcoming year, Bitcoin’s market cap might witness a colossal rise, pushing it from its current standing at $550 billion (as per CoinGecko) to an impressive $900 billion.

A Trillion-Dollar Tidal Wave Awaits the Crypto World

Apart from the meteoric rise anticipated for Bitcoin, CryptoQuant’s insights also highlight the broader implications on the entire digital currency realm. Their projections indicate that the crypto market capitalization could escalate by a staggering $1 trillion. To put this into perspective, the influx of fresh capital pouring into Bitcoin from these prospective ETFs would overshadow funds channeled into the GBTC fund during the last major bull market cycle.

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For those less versed in the complexities of digital asset investment vehicles, the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) is the most significant Bitcoin fund currently available. However, GBTC is distinct from traditional ETFs. Its shares haven’t received the stamp of approval as securities by the SEC (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission). Initially, these shares were exclusive to accredited investors and had a holding prerequisite of six months.

Another pivotal difference is that Grayscale’s shares are non-redeemable.

Grayscale, undeterred by these limitations, aimed to morph GBTC into a spot market Bitcoin ETF. Yet, their ambitions met a roadblock when the SEC declined their proposal. Undaunted, Grayscale took legal recourse, leading to a court directive in August for the SEC to reassess its initial denial.

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Wall Street’s Enthusiasm and SEC’s Cautious Stance

Wall Street isn’t one to stay behind in this race. A bevy of major players, including the colossal asset manager BlackRock, have submitted their applications to the SEC for the much-coveted spot Bitcoin ETF. This product is especially sought after as it provides investors an avenue to gain exposure to digital currencies without the actual ownership. Simply put, these ETFs, once traded publicly, mirror the performance of their underlying crypto asset or index.

However, the SEC, led by chair Gary Gensler, remains circumspect. The primary apprehension revolves around potential market manipulation. Notwithstanding this conservative approach, industry gurus sense a shift in winds. With influential entities like Valkyrie Investments, Ark Invest, and VanEck all vying for the Bitcoin ETF’s nod, experts from Bloomberg Intelligence now anticipate a whopping 90% probability of a Bitcoin ETF gracing the U.S. market by January 10th.

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