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CoinList Settles OFAC Allegations for $1.2M Over Sanction Breaches in Crimea

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  • CoinList paid $1.2 million to settle allegations by the U.S. Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) regarding users in Crimea using its platform.
  • The fine was significantly reduced due to CoinList’s cooperation, compliance history, and the small scale of transactions involved.

CoinList’s Compliance Journey: Navigating International Sanctions

CoinList, a crypto exchange known for its rigorous compliance standards, recently encountered a significant regulatory hurdle. The U.S. Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) levied allegations against CoinList, asserting that the platform permitted users in Crimea, a region currently under international sanctions, to access and use its services. This situation highlighted the complex and evolving landscape of international regulations that crypto exchanges must navigate.

The OFAC notice revealed that CoinList had opened 89 accounts for customers who, despite claiming Russian residency, provided addresses located in Crimea upon account registration. This discrepancy in data failed to trigger CoinList’s screening protocols, thus inadvertently allowing individuals from a sanctioned region to utilize the platform.

The Path to Resolution

In response to these allegations, CoinList agreed to a settlement of $1.2 million with OFAC. This amount was a substantial reduction from the potential maximum penalty of nearly $327 million. The decision to lower the fine significantly was influenced by several factors, including CoinList’s history of compliance, its cooperative stance throughout the investigation, and the relatively small scale of transactions involved in comparison to the exchange’s overall volume.

OFAC’s enforcement action serves as a critical reminder to companies in the virtual currency space and emerging technology sectors about the importance of embedding a risk-based sanctions compliance framework into their operations, especially when catering to a global customer base.

CoinList, acknowledging the gravity of the situation, expressed its commitment to treating this incident as an opportunity for growth and learning. The exchange announced plans to invest $300,000 into enhancing its compliance controls, marking one of the most substantial investments in compliance by a crypto company of its scale.

Despite being a smaller player in the crypto exchange market, with a reported daily volume of around $400,000 primarily in Tether and Solana pairs, CoinList’s situation underscores the critical need for robust compliance mechanisms in the rapidly evolving and heavily scrutinized world of cryptocurrency. As the industry continues to mature, incidents like this highlight the growing intersection between decentralized digital assets and the regulatory frameworks governing global financial transactions.

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