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Chainlink’s BUILD Program Welcomes Rollup.Finance to Boost Onchain Perpetual Trading

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  • Rollup.Finance collaborates with Chainlink BUILD to enhance the growth of decentralized derivatives exchange.
  • The partnership aims to reinforce Rollup.Finance’s ecosystem by leveraging Chainlink’s advanced oracle services and cryptoeconomic security.

Fostering Decentralized Derivatives with Chainlink’s Oracle Expertise

In an industry-evolving move, Rollup.Finance announces its latest strategic leap by joining forces with the Chainlink BUILD program. This pivotal partnership aims to fast-track the growth of Rollup.Finance’s ecosystem, spurring the long-term uptake of its platform for onchain perpetual trading.

Securing Growth Through Strategic Alliance

Chainlink, the bedrock of decentralized oracles in the blockchain domain, brings its expertise to the table, offering Rollup.Finance not just access to its cutting-edge oracle services but also a swath of technical support and improved cryptoeconomic security mechanisms. Rollup.Finance, on its part, reciprocates by pledging network fees and additional benefits to the Chainlink ecosystem and its contributors, including those staking within the network.

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The synergy between Rollup.Finance and Chainlink isn’t new; it’s a relationship built on a mutual belief in the transformative power of decentralized finance (DeFi). With Chainlink’s robust community and the integration of its secure offchain services, Rollup.Finance is poised to scale new heights in awareness and adoption for its decentralized derivatives exchange.

Zero-Knowledge Rollups: The Next Frontier for Trading

At its core, Rollup.Finance’s vision is to craft a sophisticated, professional, and versatile decentralized derivatives exchange. Traders are to benefit from the amalgamation of zero-knowledge rollups’ scalability and security, advancing the frontier of onchain trading solutions.

Rollup.Finance’s entry into the BUILD program is a calculated step towards harnessing the security and dependability of Chainlink’s oracle infrastructure. This collaboration ensures Rollup.Finance’s access to the latest Chainlink innovations, alpha and beta product releases, and high-quality, decentralized data necessary for professional trading operations.

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In a testament to this powerful collaboration, Boris Lee, CEO of Rollup.Finance, emphasizes,

“By harnessing the myriad benefits of BUILD, we aim to securely expand onchain derivatives trading.”

About Rollup.Finance & Chainlink: Pillars of Innovation

Rollup.Finance initially took flight on zkSync, a layer 2 scaling solution, setting the stage for innovative perpetual trading mechanisms. As a trailblazer in onchain trading, Rollup.Finance is set to offer sustainable yields and a new paradigm for trading derivatives on the blockchain.

Chainlink continues to solidify its status as the industry-standard decentralized computing platform, ensuring verifiable data integrity and secure interoperability across diverse blockchains. Its track record of powering transactions valued at over $8.5 trillion stands as a testament to its impact across numerous sectors.

To delve deeper into Chainlink‘s world of decentralized services, one can navigate to their website or peruse their developer documentation for a comprehensive understanding.

The fusion of Rollup.Finance’s market innovation with Chainlink’s oracle prowess represents not just a partnership but a confluence of visions that could redefine the scope and scale of onchain perpetual trading for years to come.

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