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Chainlink, Aave, and Pomerdoge Price Prediction, Here’s What Top Analysts Say About These Tokens

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Chainlink (LINK), Aave (AAVE), and Pomerdoge (POMD) are three tokens that have garnered attention for their growth potential. In this article, we’ll delve into the price predictions for these tokens as provided by top analysts in the industry. Therefore, allowing you to gain valuable insights into these tokens and their future trajectory.


  • Chainlink price prediction 
  • Aave price analysis 
  • Countless individuals flock to the Pomerdoge presale 
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Chainlink (LINK) – Bridging the Gap to Smart Contracts

Chainlink (LINK), renowned for its oracle services, has brought real-world data to smart contracts on blockchain networks. As one of the leading players in the DeFi sector, Chainlink has shown impressive growth in recent times. Consequently, the Chainlink price has jumped by 14.9% in the past month alone. 

In recent Chainlink news, according to data from Santiment, the number of whale transactions increased to a one-year high. To clarify, 22 whale deals totaling over $1M each were finalized on July 27th. 

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As a result, Chainlink now has a value of $7.46 with a market cap of $4B, up 0.03% overnight. Furthermore, the trading volume of LINK increased by 20.12% at that same time, reaching $249,215,078. Due to these reasons, analysts forecast that Chainlink could pump to $10.60 by the end of 2023.

Aave (AAVE) – Empowering DeFi Lending and Borrowing

Aave (AAVE) has emerged as one of the most prominent decentralized lending platforms in cryptocurrency. By facilitating lending and borrowing activities in a decentralized manner, Aave has carved a niche for itself.

Recently, Justin Sun, CEO of TRON, made a surprise action by taking almost 52.5M stablecoins out of Aave. Consequently, the Aave crypto trading volume jumped by 141.74% overnight, reaching $213,448,706. Currently, the Aave price sits at $63.82 with a market cap of $925M. 

Experts predict that AAVE’s trajectory remains bullish, bolstered by the platform’s innovation and user-friendly interface. Aave’s continuous development and the expansion of its services are anticipated to attract more users, increasing demand for the token. In addition, they predict that Aave could surge to $98.46 by December 2023. 

Pomerdoge (POMD) – Captures Global Attention 

Pomerdoge (POMD), a relatively newer player in the market, has captured attention for its innovative play-to-earn gaming ecosystem. Experts have expressed optimism regarding Pomerdoge’s potential, especially considering the rising popularity of blockchain-based gaming. As a matter of fact, the blockchain gaming industry grew 2,000% in the past year from Q1 2022.

Unleash the Potential: Dive into the Pomergame

Pomerdoge offers players the chance to immerse themselves in a captivating P2E game. Players can embark on thrilling quests, complete challenges, and engage in various activities to advance their character’s journey. Furthermore, your character can reach elite levels as you progress, gaining access to exclusive rewards and privileges. 

Firstly, one of the most exciting aspects of Pomerdoge is the ability to personalize your avatar. From appearance to attire, players can craft a unique identity for their character. Secondly, this customization extends to creating custom items, adding creativity and uniqueness to the game. 

Not only that, Pomerdoge also will launch an exclusive 7,777 NFT collection in August / September. To purchase these exclusive NFTs, players must hold POMD tokens, the native cryptocurrency of Pomerdoge. Integrating NFTs adds value and rarity and provides players with ownership of their virtual assets.

POMD – A Necessity in Everyone’s Portfolio

Those looking to support the Pomerdoge project may now buy the POMD token for only $0.007 as the presale is in Phase One. By accumulating POMD tokens, players can access exclusive NFTs and earn lucrative rewards as they progress through the game. Additionally, early birds will also become a participant in the weekly giveaways totaling $100,000. 

With market analysts predicting a 17x jump before the POMD presale ends, now is the perfect opportunity to buy it. If interested, please follow the links below and purchase a potential blue-chip token for a low price. 

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